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10 Ideas For Starting Your Own Online Business During Quarantine

The pandemic and financial crisis is not the best time to invest and start a new business, and many companies with physical retail stores are quarantined. But at the same time, now there’s a great opportunity for savvy investors to start an online business.

We analyzed the market situation and would like to share with you these Top 10 most promising ideas for starting an online business in the quarantine era.

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1 Food delivery

The quarantine led to a sharp surge in the popularity of delivery services: the number of orders increased by 80% on average.

The quarantine is the right time to launch a food delivery service. However, it is worth considering that, perhaps, after the pandemic, there may be a fall in demand for food delivery, so it is advisable to invest in a universal delivery service that can be repurposed if needed.

2. Online Courses

Education is another business activity that can be a good idea in the current situation: now, people have a lot of free time that they can spend to develop themselves, gaining new skills and knowledge.

Note that most people bother about what’s happening and some even think that the end is coming. So, mental health and psychology online courses, survival courses, self-help lessons, meditation practices may be in high demand.

You can use any progressive website builder’s mobile website template to expand your reach of potential customers and increase your mobile traffic!

3. Digital marketing agency

The fact that businesses go online leads to an increase in demand for online promotion services.

And you should search for potential customers among pharmaceutical companies, online stores, and IT firms, but not among the hotel & restaurant businesses or airlines (well, it’s a no-brainer).

4. Software development studio

The quarantine can be expected to significantly increase the demand for remote work software. Due to the pandemic, entrepreneurs will massively begin to automate business processes and work online.

Therefore, the developers of CRM systems, cloud data warehouses, online platforms, and digital business management systems will be on the top. We advise you to invest in companies that specialize in digital teleworking solutions.

5. Agricultural business

Agricultural products will always be in demand. Whatever happens, people will always need food, and the share of the household budget for food is growing.

Today, consumers prefer fresh and natural products at a lower cost. And we can offer them this: young eco-farmers make money on food delivery services, offering people fresh vegetables and fruits.

6. Cleaning company

Cleaning companies can benefit from this situation by talking more about the importance of disinfecting and sterilizing and by promoting their services as socially beneficial.

7. Online Store

Quarantine cut off access to beauty salons, entertainment, repair services — these things made our lives easier and more fun.

During the quarantine, online shopping remains the only place where people can purchase a wide range of goods. Today, a key element for the success of an online store is flexibility, i.e. the ability to quickly adapt to changes.

8. Web Studio

If you’re good at creating one-page and full-fledged turnkey sites and want to start an online business, then you should try creating a web studio

Today, having a professional website is a must, so, there will always be customers.

9. Event decoration

Yes, everyone’s on lockdown, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve completely stopped celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or just occasionally getting the whole family together in the backyard for a barbecue.

The bottom line is that self-isolation makes us miss the entertainment and a festive atmosphere. Therefore, event decoration services will find their customers!

10. Medical laboratory

We all strive to be healthy, regardless of the epidemiological situation in the country. Stationery or mobile medical labs can carry out various tests including COVID-19 tests.

Don’t hesitate. Use one of the ideas and create a website on Weblium now!

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