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10 Tips To Help You Plan Your Wedding

Every happy bride looks forward to her big day to join with her beloved. But some brides love to get more involved by planning their wedding by themselves. Are you this type of bride who wants to DIY her wedding? Then you need some help.

If you’ve decided to plan your wedding yourself, we’ve got some wedding tips to help you. Talking to other couples, getting bridal box subscriptions, sourcing inspiration, and more. Here’s how to plan a wedding.

  1. Get a bride to be box

Getting a best bridal subscription boxes is of utmost importance to a DIY bride. The bridal box contains tools that will help make the move from miss to mrs an easier one. From wedding planning tools to vow books, checklists, and bridal hacks. You couldn’t ask for more. Don’t start planning your wedding unless you have a bride box.

  1. Set your budget

The first step to planning a wedding is setting the budget. You must be aware of how much you’re working with, and who’s giving what. So, sit with your partner and every important figure in your lives. Everyone needs to say what they’re giving, and you make a budget from that. Set up a little cash for emergencies, but make sure you stick to the budget.

  1. Decide on the essentials and non-essentials

This wedding tip is important, especially when working on a budget. Sit with your partner and figure out four things each that the both of you must have at the wedding. List out the non-essentials on another list. It helps narrow your focus and distribute money wisely.

  1. Create checklists and schedules

Getting married is a huge step, so what do you need for a wedding? Your checklists answer that question. Everything from hiring vendors, cake and makeup trials, buying attires, and rings to choosing venues should be on your checklists. Put these tasks in your planner with dates. You’ll not forget anything.

  1. Pick a theme

What’s your dream wedding theme? Make sure it’s one that you can pull off without flops. Then choose your colors to match and bring your theme to life.

  1. Get inspired

Check out Pinterest, Instagram, and other wedding websites for inspiration on hair, cakes dresses. Etc. But don’t get carried away because most designs are just props. Keep it simple and classy.

  1. Sort out the guest list

Together with your partner, build a guest list. Start from the most important people in your life and work your way down. If you’re confused about how to create a guest list, use these three parameters. Think of the people who you’ll gladly invite to your home for dinner. Think of the people you’ve talked to the most in the last three months. Think of the people you hang out with the most.

  1. Talk to other couples

Seek advice from friends who are married. They will tell you what they did best and their failures. It serves as a conscious guide.

  1. Set up a wedding website

With how busy you’ll be planning your wedding, set up a website. The website will update your guests on proceedings. They will also know what you want and the approved registry to get your gifts.

  1. Ask for help

Every DIY bride needs loads of help, so ask for some. Recruit your attendants, family, friends, and everyone available to help. Delegate sensitive tasks to people who you trust the most. Other tasks can go to friends, but always have a backup in case there’s disappointment.

All the step by step wedding planning tips listed above are very important. They will help make planning a wedding easier, especially the best bridal box. Take one step at a time, and have an unforgettable celebration.

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