10 Ways to Grow Your Small Business with Instagram: A Comprehensive Guide

Modern businesses require modern solutions to make sales and blow up their businesses. In this day and age, Instagram has proven to be a resourceful business tool. With the platform’s stunning visuals and vast user space, businesses have fertile ground to improve and grow engagement. But how does a small business go about this?

This extensive guide touches on ten practical and feasible ways to grow a small business from scratch to new heights using Instagram. Keep reading as we dive into the fascinating world of social media marketing and how to elevate reach, drive in more sales, and be engaging.

1. Optimize

The first thing to do with a fairly new Instagram business account is to optimize the Instagram profile. First, get a username that relates to the brand. Use a profile picture that speaks well or represents the brand/business. Include a gripping bio with a link to the brand’s website. Also, get high-quality followers on Followzilla for better standing.

2. Consistency

Consistency with quality content is one of the fastest ways to grow organically. Nothing beats quality content that showcases a brand’s class. Here is a quick run-through of how to start:

  • Create a posting schedule
  • Use high-quality videos and pictures to depict the  business in a sphere of quality
  • Don’t shy away from the tools on Instagram

Often, social media management can be a hassle. Considering the services of a social media manager is a great option to stay consistent with quality uploads and timely delivery.

3. Engage

Besides posting regularly, engaging customers is a powerful leverage for every small business. Consider liking their comments, responding to those with inquiries, and, occasionally, running sales or doing giveaways. This step helps send a wave of excitement through the pool of potential customers. Plus, it is an excellent incentive to create returning customers.

4. Where are the Influencers?

Many businesses are skeptical about how resourceful influencers are, but there is no doubt that they are innovative. It is one of the potent ways to take a brand to the eye of the masses on Instagram. However, it is essential to opt for the right influencers.

Opt for micro/nano influencers. While they have fewer followers than celebrity influencers, they have the engagement and can easily tie their brands to others for an outstanding effect.

5. Involve the Audience

One way to post more content and increase engagement is by featuring the brand’s audience on the business’ Instagram page. For example, if a brand sells a product, urging the customers to take their reviews to IG is excellent. Here, business owners can get creative with this initiative. When done right, this step is phenomenal.

6. Use Hashtags

One way to get an Instagram page to the public eye is through hashtags. It can exponentially increase a page’s reach and bring potential clients. To get started, research the hashtags that are relevant to the business. Mix the hashtags to reduce the competition and make a hashtag that followers can use.

7. Try Out Instagram Features

Reels, IGTV, and stories are outstanding tools. When used the right way, they can grow a considerable fanbase. Instagram reels can serve as a medium to put products and services out there in short and attention-ripping videos. On the other hand, brands can use IGTV for longer videos to cover their stories.

8. Keep An Eye on Analytics 

As a small business, the immense Instagram space might be terrifying. But judiciously following our steps helps. That said, analytics is a great way to monitor the growth of an Instagram account. Business owners can make better decisions based on the results a post caused.

For instance, if a reel “How happy we make our clients” featuring happy clients with brand products brings in followers, it means that direction is potent and should be related often. That’s the power of analytics! It helps make more informed decisions.

9. Work with Other Small Businesses

The streets of Instagram are hostile to walking on it alone. While massive growth is possible alone, working with others makes it faster! Business owners can mutually benefit and increase their following and sales by working with other businesses.

An occasional partnership from time to time might be the push! Brands can opt to cross-promote, run giveaways, or share each other’s content.

10. Maybe Try Paid Options?

While huffing and puffing through the rigors of Instagram might be an appeal, there are easier ways to get things done. For instance, buying high-quality followers on Followzilla enables brands to start their Instagram journey with less strain.

Followzilla services allow businesses to earn thousands of high-quality followers in the blink of an eye. Hence, this option takes the stress off their shoulders and increases sales. Talk about a swift shortcut. 

Final Thought

Businesses don’t need to face a tough battle to get a lift up. Religiously following our steps helps set businesses apart from the many clueless small businesses. Instagram might appear daunting, but it’s like any other platform. With the right push and strategies, brands can drive massive sales and grow an engaging audience.

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