11 Essentials to Add To Your Makeup Kit When Going on a Holiday

When the summer is at its full force, you can’t but think of a romantic or otherwise getaway to have your strength and sanity restored. However, no matter how appealing the journey and destination is, there is always that unnerving packing process. There are so many things you consider necessary, but there’s usually less than enough. After you manage to fit all the clothes into your suitcase, the choice of what to add to the makeup kit arises. It could have been a lot easier if you could take it all, but reality can be cruel at times.

To ease your holiday packaging routine, you need to grab as many as 11 essentials and put them into the makeup kit. With all the complex makeup routines you usually go through, it may seem impossible to point out that few makeup products, but it’s possible!


A sensual and alluring scent is what every lady needs when getting ready for a well-deserved holiday. However, you need to realize that just any aroma won’t do. Browsing the Fragrances you own, it’s best to pay attention to fresh and mild aromas instead of heavy and clinging scents. Pay particular attention to travel-friendly bottles which do not take up lots of limited space.


Some people often assume that only a trip to the beach is worth sunscreen application. The assumption couldn’t be any falser. Even if you plan to go hiking, fishing or even offloading in the country, skin protection from harmful UV rays is a must.

Tinted moisturizer

Since it is the ling-awaited holiday we are talking about, it is time you leave the regular foundation at home. However, if you feel insecure enough about going out without any foundation intact, you should consider adding a Tinted BB or CC cream to your list. You can find a wide range of those at such platforms as MAKEUP and choose the one that suits your needs in particular.


You wouldn’t want to ruin that well-rested appearance depicted on Instagram with your lips cracked. Unfortunately, the downside of a sea trip or mountain conquest is that your lips may get inevitably chapped without a quality lip balm applied evenly and regularly. Some balms come spiced with SPF protection. These would serve you the best.


Unless you are opting for lasting and luscious falsies, a quality mascara is on the list too. However, you can bring along your favourite option just because it suits your urban lifestyle. You need to think about a waterproof option since if swimming or sweating is on the list, you wouldn’t want to end up with the formula smeared all over your face.

Dry shampoo

The regular shampoo isn’t on the list, since it is more than natural to have already packed the bottle of it along with the conditioner. Yet, a handy dry shampoo bottle may be still missing from the kit. When on holiday, you may not feel like washing the locks as regularly as you do at home. Thus, a dedicated formula will help you keep the clean hair appearance for as long as needed, without lengthy washing and styling involved.

Face cleanser

Even if it seems like you are wearing almost no makeup while on holiday, you still need to take proper care of your skin. Packing up a bottle of light cleanser will help you get rid of excess oil, dirt and makeup residue in no time. Besides, some cleansers serve more than one purpose, and that is an appealing factor when you are limited is suitcase room.

Lip gloss

The chances that you have just one shade of lipstick at hand are incredibly slim. Yet, you can’t bring the whole lip gloss collection on you. Thus, you need to pay a decisive look at the clothes you have packed and choose the shade that seems to suit most of your dressy and evening outfits. Of course, going neutral is always a wise choice, yet adding red lipstick to the kit isn’t the worst idea ever, too.


Just as in the case of lipstick, this may be a difficult decision to make. However, you can do it if you think smart. For example, instead of grabbing a pair of each – neutrals, day tones, night hues, etc. – you can pick a palette that can be defined as mix&match. Usually, such palettes contain shades that complement one another and can be worn together to any place or occasion.

Hairstyling product

While dry shampoo can help you maintain your locks fresher-looking longer and grant a notch of boost, it won’t help when it comes to intricate ‘dos. Should you be planning on playing around with the tresses while on holiday, one styling product of choice should be added to the list. The best indicator as to which option you may need most is the destination of your journey. Think about the weather, climate and humidity.

The minute you pack all the items mentioned on the list, you will realize that you need barely anything else. Who could have thought that 11 essentials cover it all! Yet, the truth remains this simple!

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