19 Fun Facts to Know About Aircraft Maintenance

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It is a known truth to everybody that air crafts are technologically innovative vehicles, running on highly complexed systems. It genuinely requires excellent mechanics to keep these systems in good working condition. The majority of us likely never paid much attention to the mechanisms of Aeroplanes, nor do we understand much about what exactly is a pilot would be like.

Whether you have just recently finished the coursework to your high school degree and are eager (but uncertain ) about which path to take toward a profitable career, or happen to be at a job for a couple years that’s just not as fulfilling as you’d expected, think about a career in aircraft maintenance.

But you are certainly missing out on a few of the most interesting facts about the area of aviation. So, buckle up, sit tight and check out these interesting (and mad!) Details about airplanes and pilots!

Fun Facts to Know About Aircraft Maintenance

If you are struggling with career options, pursuing a degree in aircraft management might be the right option for you. Here are a few interesting facts to know about it;

  1. When deciding about the right academic institutions for this degree, you must know that schools by the FAA provide the best courses in aircraft maintenance. This means, as soon as you complete your aircraft maintenance course, your degree will be accepted by any maintenance facility in the world.
  2. Employers at the aircraft maintenance facilities have to go through the same discipline procedures that you go through at your schools as students. This means, once you’re a graduate, it will be easier for you to work in an aircraft maintenance facility.
  3. Mainstream airports will offer employment opportunities to aircraft maintenance graduates. So you can always hope for a good career option near your area.
  4. Having gained massive experience in governmental agencies, one can easily proceed to join a private airplane business. This means you can easily earn more money by working for a private organization.
  5. You will be shocked to know, the top-notch aircraft maintenance schools are not operated by the FAA. They are inclusive of high tech coursework, which is the need of the hour.
  6. In accordance with the 2012 report, around 0.1 million jobs in the US alone were created for aircraft maintenance professionals.
  7. It is expected that the departures will exceed 100 million in the next five years.
  8. If you think you’ll work in air-conditioned offices all the time, you’re wrong! Aircraft maintenance professionals and mechanics have to mostly work in repair stations and airfields.
  9. Professional aircraft maintenance is highly respected. Because several lives are at stake, the responsibilities on the shoulders of such professionals are an all-time high.
  10. There are a plethora of courses to choose from. Beginning from conventional certifications to bachelor’s and associate’s degrees, young aspirants can choose whatever they’re comfortable with.
  11. 1If you’re a graduate from the FAA, you will automatically become eligible to sit for the certification exams. This way, if you earn high credentials, it will become easier for you to register a good position in an aircraft company.
  12. While professionals and skilled workers will be allowed to take a few days off from work, new graduates will be required to stay on the field so that they can work with the mechanics and other people to learn new things.
  13. The salary of an aircraft maintenance officer ranges between $35000 to $78000. The average salary is usually around $55210, which is a very impressive figure in today’s time. So once you enroll in an aircraft maintenance course, it is imperative that you burn all the midnight oil to secure your future.
  14. 1You will be shocked to know; there are only 170 schools approved by the FAA. It is expected that this number will increase in the future, owing to the high demand for this profession.
  15. Every year, around 4000, jobs are offered to fresh graduates so that they can register for a successful career in this profession.
  16. Aircraft maintenance software works as a catalyst to speed up the work of mechanics so that there are no delays in the flight time or other stuff.
  17. There’s a lot of work which needs to be done in this field. Back in 2010, there were around 50 million departures through planes. This means there are several planes that need to be maintained.
  18. Aircraft maintenance continues to make it to the top list of career choices on Forbes, Yahoo, and Monster Jobs.
  19. An aircraft mechanic has to complete his/her task on time, otherwise, there could be a delay in the flight schedule.


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