20 Best Free Plugins and Apps for Your WordPress Blog

To make your blog run properly and make it look beautiful we need so many plugins and apps or in our girly language- beauty products and accessories. Today, in this post I am going to tell you 20 Best Free plugins and apps that are must-have to attract thousands of visitors, manage your Social Media accounts, take care of your SEO, and create super interesting content.

These free plugins and apps will not only make your blog run smoothly but also save heaps of time for you and not to forget Money. Money saved is money earned. So, without wasting much time lets dive in to understand these amazing free plugins and apps.

Wait, wait…before you read another word? Do you have a blog? Are you planning to start a blog?

1. Hello Bar

I created that using Hello Bar. It’s absolutely free to create an account and you can select your goal for the bar.

You can do A/B Testing, Change the theme of the bar, of course, create your own message.

So, whether you are planning to increase your email subscribers, direct readers to your new site or Grow your Social Media score- Hello Bar can definitely help you there.




2. Grammarly

What would I do without Grammarly? I am not sure about you but I owe a lot to Grammarly for correcting my mistakes.

It’s one of the must-have apps for bloggers, writers, and content creators to write error-free content.

The free version is awesome but they also have paid version which I am thinking of giving a try soon as it has many advanced features.

3. HeadLine Analyser

Headline analyzer from Coschedule has quickly taken over as one of my favorite apps and the best part is it’s FREE.  Get 70 or more score for your headline and be sure that your readers gonna click on it.

4. Broken Link Checker

Broken links lead to error 404 and it has a negative impact on your Google ranking as well as for your readers. To fix this issue use Broken Link Checker – a free site. It not only helps you to find the broken link on your site but gives you suggestions on how to fix it.

5. Canva

Well, I believe I don’t need to say any more about Canva but if you are new to blogging and the digital visual world then Canva is an online image designing (mostly for bloggers) website. I am sure that most bloggers use Canva to create beautiful pins for their blog and Pinterest just like me.

Canva is absolutely free but if you want to use its advanced features then you can get the paid version as well. You can also buy a single image for $1.

6. Optimizilla

It is must to compress your images before uploading to your site and I recommend Optimizilla for this task. It’s free software and it gets the job done perfectly.

7. Pingdom

Pingdom is a free site to check your Website Speed. Slow speed has a negative impact on your Google ranking and above all on user experience.

Slow loading site is sure way to kill your blog and if you don’t want this to happen to your blog then you better keep your site loading time under 7secs (maximum).

Pro-tip: Check your Site speed regularly as well as check your site on the Mobile phone every now and then.

8. Yoast SEO

This is a free plugin to improve your SEO. It’s one of the must plugins to install when you start your blog.

9. Keyword Finder

The keyword is the magical word that will help your post to rank on the first page of Google (every blogger’s dream).

If you are fed-up of Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and other Social media changing their algorithms almost every day then start looking for ways to get organic traffic from search engines like Google.

Keyword Finder is a website that gives you Keyword suggestions with monthly search volume, websites that are listed for those keywords and other keyword suggestions.

It’s definitely worth your money. Traffic means money and Long-traffic means -passive income and more popularity.

Keyword Finder has packages to suit every need but it also allows 5 FREE keywords search if you sign-up with them otherwise you get  3 free keywords per day on their site.

10. UberSuggest

UberSuggest from Neil Patel is another amazing FREE keyword search website. When you check your Keyword, it’ll give you lots of suggestions as well the competition and search volume of that keyword.

Don’t forget to visit Neil Patel’s website to analyze your site for SEO and get his suggestions.

11. Google Webkinder

WebKinder is a light plugin which is very helpful in stopping Google Analytics from tracking your own site visits. This plugin is must if you want to get correct reports from Google Analytics.




12. WP Smush

This free plugin helps to compress, optimize and resize your images so that your website loads faster.

13. SG Optimizer

SG Optimizer is a FREE plugin from SiteGround to cache your site info so that if the same user re-visits your site, it will load much faster thereby creating an amazing user experience.

14. WP Super Cache

If you are not with Siteground then you can use  WP Super Cache plugin to cache your data. It’s a FREE plugin.

15. Headers & Footers

This FREE plugin allows you to customize the header and footer section of your site without messing around with your theme or codes.

For example, adding your Google analytics code or google ads code. You just have to add it to your header section and your done. No touching the theme or any coding knowledge required.

16. Title & No Follow

We all know that Google wants us to make all affiliate links no-follow and if you are mentioning lots of affiliate link in your blog ( which you should, to make money from your blog) then sometimes you might forget to make it no-follow.

That’s when Title & No Follow plugin comes very handy.

17. WP GDPR Compliance

Since May of this year, it’s mandatory to make your blog and site GDPR compliant for European Union visitors and I use WP GDPR Compliance plugin which is FREE to make my site GDPR compliant.

18. Pinterest Pin It Button and Profile Follow widget

Pin it button and profile follow widget are two absolutely FREE tools from Pinterest to its users.

Pin it button or also known as Save button helps your visitors to save images from your blog straight to their Pinterest board. This way it saves them time and you have better chances of getting more traffic.

Profile Follow Widget helps to showcase your pins to your visitors and make it easy for them to follow your account. Have a look for Casino plugins.

19. Tailwind

Tailwind is an official automatic Pin scheduler to schedule your pin on Pinterest. You can also use it to feed your Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Tailwind helps you to find the best time to post on Pinterest. It also gives you information about your Board to find out which board is performing best for your pin.

You can try Tailwind FREE trial and get to know this awesome application and get your board insights and the optimal time to pin.

I’m sure you’ll love this app and continue.

20. Social Warfare

I use Social Share Plugin to make sharing easy for my readers. This is one of the best social sharing plugins I have used. It can show full counts and individual social sharing counts, depending on your requirement.

21. Buffer

Buffer is a social media management platform that offers a monthly plan to manage your social media but it also has a FREE account which you can use to manage three social media accounts with 10 posts in the queue. It’s an awesome deal for FREE.

22. HootSuite

HootSuite is another Social media management platform with many paid plans but like Buffer, it also has a Free plan. The Free plan allows three social media account with unlimited scheduling.


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