2020 New PC Games: Minimum Configuration You Need To Play

Brace yourself up for some explosive PC games in the year 2020. If you are a fan of the PC Games, this is the year for you. With the awe-inspiring games lined up for the gamers, 2020 is going to be a big feast for you.

But, are you wondering if your PC is suitable to handle such virtual bonanzas this year? Well, you need not worry as we shall list down the exciting features your PC must have to enjoy these mind-blowing games.

Keep Reading to find your list of favourite games and the required PC configuration for the same.

New PC Games in 2020

  • Age of Empires 4: Topping our list of the top 3 games to watch out for, is the Age of Empires 4. For every strategy enthusiast, this is a gem of a game. After having waited for so long, the series is back with its new set of challenging levels and thrilling story-line. Keep this game in your radar, if you don’t wish to miss out on the action and thrill of 2020!
  • Chivalry 2: Are you still waiting for the GoT spin-off where you can have the best multi-player experience? This spine-chilling experience has been delivered to you once by Chivalry. If the first part did not push your limits of imagination, this is surely going to hack it off! The tempting graphics and the seamless multiplayer mode makes it a must play in 2020!
  • Crusader 3: If you are a die-hard fan of the Crusader franchise, this game is the raw deal for you! This new instalment of the crusader series is sure to give you an enriched experience of the bloody storylines couples with intriguing strategy. Stay sure that this is coming to wreck your nerves in 2020!

To have such awesome games on your system, you must have the perfect graphics card, memory and the right speed. A lagging computer might cause frustration.

Imagine the situation wherein you are engaged in the battle and your computer hang!

Check for the system requirements needed for the above games in the next section. If you are dissatisfied with your current computer, many online portals are available where you can sell computer and buy a new one for gaming.

Minimum configuration to run these games:

 Playing the robust games on the system would mean using the gaming computer. With the enriched resolution and the quadrupled speed, it is often the best choice to purchase the gaming laptop. Stressing on the utility ones would mean that you are maxing out on their resources. 

  • Memory Size: RAM size of 8 GB is adequate.
  • Processor strength: Intel Core i5 or AMD A Series
  • Graphic requirements: A gaming card, preferably Nvidia and AMD.



 Get ready to face the best music in 2020 of your favourite PC games. Ensure that you stay on foot for the 2020 game wave, which is going to sweep the gamers off their feet. No time to bargain on the PC settings and grab the best gaming PC now, if you haven’t bought one, yet!


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