2020 Trends For The Gaming Industry

Without a doubt, the changes in the gaming industry are unavoidable, irrefutable and more intriguing than ever. Augmented reality, virtual reality, cross-platform gaming, cloud gaming, social gaming – need we say more? What a time to be a gamer! The continuous reinventing of the industry also means there are plenty of trends and technologies that may not withstand the test of time but who said we can’t enjoy the thrill right now. If you are interested to know what are the 2020 trends for the gaming industry that you should keep a close eye on, read on.

Cross-platform Gaming Experiences

Wouldn’t you like to be able to play your favorite game of slots on an 85-inch 8K HDR LED TV with wide-angle technology? Can you imagine playing a live roulette game on such a screen and experiencing immersive virtual or augmented reality gameplay, or a mix of the two? Or playing your favorite open-world video game on your desktop computer at night then resuming your gameplay on your tablet while commuting to work the next morning and using your living room TV when you get home at night to play a new level?

Gaming developers have finally understood that the most efficient way to reach more markets is to work on games that can be used on several different devices at a time. This way, players will have an easier time concentrating on the actual games they choose to play, rather than on running compatibility tests and figuring out if they can play their favorite games with their friends, provided they are using different devices and operating systems.

Sony is one of the pioneers in this compartment. The gaming giant has worked hard at introducing cross-play options for its players, which translates to gamers now being able to connect using the Internet instead of using their gaming devices. We can expect Xbox players to compete against their PS4 counterparts and Android and iOS device users playing the same games. Some games will start to match players by looking at the game controllers, mouse or keyboard they are using, instead of focusing on the platform they select.

Skill-Influenced Games At Traditional Casinos

One of the most anticipated trends in the world of gambling is related to the way people interact with classic casino games. Many casinos have already started to become more realistic thanks to the advanced technologies and the continuous state-of-the-art software developed by the biggest names in the industry in recent years. However, when it comes to playing a game on a slot machine, players are still basically repeating the same actions today as they did with the old classic fruit machines. Moreover, the games are completely based on pure luck and developed with the intention not to require any skills. You basically press a button to spin the wheels, over and over again, hoping the symbols will land on a winning combination. This is very relaxing for many people but for others it lacks the thrill found in achievement based games. For a modern “gamer” these traditional slots may even feel like a dull experience.

This is where new games based on the concepts of “gamification” and skill come into the picture. With the help of modern technology like 3D, Virtual and Augmented Reality developers aim to create modern “gambling machines” that will entertain both the traditional and modern gamer. The change to modernize the casino experience is already on it’s way in Las Vegas. During 2019 Synergy Blue announced they are taking their “skill-influenced” games to Nevada and their real-money, arcade gambling machines can now be found at some of the casinos in Las Vegas. Online, the trend to modernize casino gaming is already well on its way. Some of the top gaming operators on the internet already offer “gamification casinos” and VR games. By using a VR headsets the player is being transferred into what appears to be a real-life, brick-and-mortar casino experience that sounds and feels extremely palpable and realistic.

Games Compatible With Everyone

Close to 70 percent of online gamers are dreaming of a universe where games are equally appealing to people of different ethnicities, genders and interests. According to a study, 56% of gamers believe that developers should create more inclusive games, with 45% claiming they would be more likely to play these games such games. Accordingly, to cater to these requirements, some game developers have already started experimenting with fresh, innovative gaming themes and storylines. The main idea is for these games to allow players to use their personal preferences and connect to a game on a more personal level. People who suffer from impaired vision, for example, could play a customized game using a Braille device. People who suffer from impaired hearing could also benefit from games that do not throw the focus on sounds.

Without a doubt, the gaming industry is up for an interesting journey. We have only mentioned a few of the current trends but the list can go on. Another positive trend we didn’t mention yet is a shift away from games that promote violence to games that focus more on ways of players expressing themselves. Looking into the future we can not even imagine what gaming will be like in the coming five to ten years but perhaps we will give up on gadgets and have games that can be played using only our eyes. One thing is clear, gaming as we know it, is changing!

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