3 Best Practices to Integrate CPQ Into Your Sales Process

Integrate CPQ

If you’re looking to improve your sales process, you may have already realized that you’re going to need some additional tools and resources. One of the best ways to increase productivity and efficiency in a sales team is to introduce a CPQ solution. Also known as Configure-Price-Quote, CPQ software helps sales teams easily configure products and generate accurate price quotes for their prospective customers. A CPQ integrates with your CRM so your sales team works from one source of truth about buyers.

But before you begin using a new tool, it must be adopted and integrated into your sales process. This allows for the best results and a higher ROI from the CPQ solution.

Change is Good

Many people are opposed to change. For the CPQ solution to yield the best results, it must be accepted team-wide. These tips will help you get buy-in from your team and show them that a new solution will make their work easier, more productive, and will yield a higher close rate.

Implementing a CPQ Solution the Right Way

When you are ready to begin using the CPQ solution in your day-to-day processes, there are three steps to integrate it:

1.    Strategy

The only way to accomplish objectives and complete goals is to have – and adhere to – a strategy. As a sales team, determine a plan to adopt and utilize the CPQ solution. A thorough sales strategy will allow team members to provide quotes and create contracts easily, increasing efficiency and productivity.

2.    Intelligent Guided Selling

50% of high-performing sales teams use guided selling. Using guided selling minimizes new hire training and increases adoption rates. After a sales strategy is outlined, sales team members should start using the CPQ solution to define and structure a sales playbook. Predictive guided selling workflows can walk the sales team through the steps of the sales process. Within minutes they’ll be able to create proposals and contracts that are accurate and pre-approved.

3.    CPQ + CRM

One of the best ways to utilize a CPQ solution is to combine it with other tech solutions like CRM. A CPQ complements your CRM, as it provides the sales materials needed while the CRM keeps customers organized. Combining these two tools will make it easier for sales reps to see the benefits of a CPQ solution. Using CPQ and CRM together will enable them to be more responsive to buyers and generate quotes more quickly, two benefits that increase win rates.

It’s not uncommon for your sales team to be apprehensive about adopting a new software solution. However, after an initial learning curve, your sales team is sure to see how integrating a CPQ solution can benefit the whole team and business.

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