3 Content Marketing Strategies to Boost Business Growth

For businesses of every size, content marketing can be a very effective way to grow an online presence, position a brand in a trustworthy way and attract attention from potential customers. Content marketing is an undeniable front runner in the digital marketing space; it’s easy to implement and affordable. Plus, content marketing costs around 62 percent less than other tactics but delivers more than three times the results. If you want to improve your marketing approach, take a look at these three tips that can give you a leg up on your growth strategies and help you define your brand.

Enhance Product Descriptions

If you have vague descriptions of your products and services on your site, you need to change that. Descriptions are essential. Your prospective customers can’t see, touch or try on your products in person so they need to have detailed information to go on, so they chose you over the competition.

List out more than just dimensions; use descriptions of the product and its features to highlight benefits. Emphasize differentiating factors that make what you offer better than the competitors. Strive to inspire imagination to help your shoppers visualize the products available. If possible, incorporate social proof such as features in the news or reviews on third-party websites.

Utilize Email

Every entrepreneur wants to know how to become a successful business owner. One way is to master email marketing. There is no better way to maintain contact with your customers, both current and prospective, than through a really good email campaign. It’s effective, easy and direct to use email to keep in touch and it will allow your brand to remain front and center. Plus, your email subscribers are three times more likely to share your content.

When you craft messages, make sure to begin with a powerful subject line that offers a specific look into the content of your message. The preview text, which is the first one or two lines of text that is visible before the recipient opens the email, is descriptive and enthralling to pique the readers interest. Also remember that your email should not be a novel. Write it for the web  — have a clear objective and use short paragraphs and logical structure. A key part of technology content marketing is providing clear and concise content.

Develop Strategies

Like any type of marketing, a dedicated strategy is a crucial part of finding success. Go ahead and dip your toes in the water of many areas, such as social media posts, blogging and email marketing. But ideally once you know what works, set specific goals and figure out actionable ways to achieve those goals so you can generate significant results.

It’s smart to turn to Google Analytics or other tools to gauge your success. You will find it’s easier to ensure you’re on the right track when you start to see tangible results.

Content marketing is far from easy, yet it’s worth it to invest time and energy into curating content. It offers a great return on investment and, when done correctly, can give your small business a way to beat out the competition. From boosting your product descriptions to utilizing email marketing, there are various ways content will help your small business grow.


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