3 Creative and Reliable Strategies to Monetize Your WooCommerce Site

There is no denying the fact that woocommerce is the most popular WordPress (WP) plugin which only meant for uplifting the eCommerce business environment. About 41% of online shops are running through this magic creating solution. This figure makes it the most used eCommerce platform in the whole digital space.

Now, if you talk about the reasons for its hit market then there is not one factor to share, it includes its unparalleled versatility, flexibility, and scalability, traits that it shares with the native platform, WP.

Moreover, sometimes a very good product is not enough to make people fond of it. Building something and expecting it will drive people on its own doesn’t work.

You have to figure out a way to monetize your online store. To find you some strategies to work out we’ve come here with the top 3 creative and reliable strategies, which will help you to monetize your Woocommerce site.

So, here you go,

Search Engine Optimization

The same old though but works a lot and always says that setting up a shop with woocommerce is fairly easy, but work doesn’t usually end here. And right here SEO or search engine optimization can work for you as an essential strategy for all the digital storefronts. After all, it helps people to search or find you in this infinite digital space. It is also known for driving profound organic traffic at your page, which will ultimately generate huge revenue for you.

However, this trick is very tricky, because you have to do a lot in digging deep and broad for finding appropriate tools, which can translate your blank sheet of a plan into colorful reality.

Due to the presence of a variety of the same products and services that you also have making a choice is not easy. Thus, we are recommending you a Yoast SEO plugin, which will serve as a powerful addition in your organic marketing arsenal kit.

Furthermore, when it comes to optimizing your every product of your online shop, it works smoother thereby optimizing your product by configuring it with the researched keywords so that it can confirm its first place on the SERP (Search engine result page)

Many people just ignore SEO by quoting that it is time taking and switch to paid promotions they need to know that paid campaigns also do the same. The only difference is the dedicated platform on which you’re promoting will serve you more with more helping gestures. And it is because you’re paying for that. If you are smart enough to save your money then you should for sure go for SEO as your main Arsenal of the marketing campaign.

Step Into The Mobile market

If you know the fact that mobile is nowadays one of the most celebrated and thriving platforms to enrich your online business, then you are so smart, intelligent, genius, and whatever that symbolizes your intelligence.

If not, then you need to know that about 80% of traffic for eCommerce websites is these days coming from mobile devices.

Accept that desktops now belong to ancient times, now we have ushered in a mobile era. Hence, making headways towards the mobile-friendly market is a lucrative idea for the new opportunities.

What you can do for it?

  • You can develop your app. Sounds great! It can act as an extension of your mainstream digital presence. With its super easy interface and interactive design can blow away your consumer’s mind. And ultimately at the end of the day with the downloads numbers of your app, you’ll be retaining huge customers with you. It would be a potential game-changer.
  • Moreover, recent studies have shown that the number of visits and spent time on the dedicated app can outperform the best performing e-commerce stores.
  • Also, your app can bring you good money when it is offered on the digital market space like App next.
  • The Top charting sites on the mobile platform can help you to showcase your product in front of millions of users. As a result, the interaction will become easy, which will cut-off your cost on advertising campaigns.
  • The mobile network hub also includes premium monetization suites that show you display ad-based and action-based product families, which facilitates your web monetization game plan.
  • Furthermore, if you use additional apps and plugins then it will fine-tune your store. Hence, seek for some additional apps and plugin to seek additional features for your site. You can go with apps like WooCommerce iOS, which makes it easy to do shop-related tasks on one go.


Advertisement is the inorganic way to drive potential customers on your platform, but maybe you don’t want to pursue it and bombard the visitors with the ads. But, mark the words that ads do hold great potential in terms of boosting revenue.   You just have to say yes and the rest of the work would be sufficiently done by the algorithm of the dedicated platform, where you’re promoting.

Now you would ask what is this algorithm? It is a figure which depends on some measures like target audience, preferences, age, sex, availability, etc When you know these measures, it’s easy to target a potential consumer.

However, there are some notable theories and testimonials that say, ads may distract people from what you offer and can turn them away from the subject. Now it is confusing, after all, we use the ads campaigns to attract people, but if it can have a negative impact and increase your bounce rate then it is not worth practicing.

If you conclude the significance of Advertisement then no doubt it is one of the most important strategies in the terms of monetary aspects. Some tools like Woocommerce Push Notifications or wordpress push notifications should be included in your marketing plan in order to retain and engage the existing subscribership. And one should know how to practice advertising then he/she would be able to generate positive results of its eCommerce business.

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