3 Ideas to make an original and creative Resume/CV

It is important to be able to stand out when looking for a job, especially if you are looking for a job in a creative sector. Given the great demand and lack of offers, it is essential to make an original and creative Resume/CV, in order to attract the attention of recruiters.

  1. Creates an original Resume/CV of the E-commerce type

This idea may seem crazy but it allowed John Kobler, an English web product manager, to have an original CV template and to get an interesting job.

John was inspired by Amazon to develop his Resume and put it online to increase the visibility of his profile. After sharing it and leaving it on the Net for several weeks, he managed to attract a large number of companies with his idea and achieved his goal. Indeed, more than a hundred companies have contacted him to offer him new professional opportunities. Making an original Resume/CV was therefore a great source of satisfaction for him.

His Resume, both original and creative, is presented as the page of an online store, where he refers to his profile. It includes sentences such as: “Only one unit available”, “Free reservation”, etc. and sections such as “Products” where he details his studies and interests, “Users’ comments” indicating his professional references, or “Basket” which allows to redirect interested people to a contact form… A very well thought-out creative idea. This type of presentation is ideal for people whose profile is related to marketing, management, management, creation or communication. People who want to take risks and think differently.

Even if some ideas may seem crazy to us, it is useful to try new things. If we don’t dare take risks, we will never know if our idea can work or not. Career opportunities are often where you least expect them! Currently, recruiters are looking for creative and proactive people. Making an original Resume/CV can be the key element you were missing to make your profile more interesting.

  1. Record a video to present your CV

You don’t need to be a great filmmaker to create a different Resume. This type of presentation adapts to all profiles and is truly original.

If you are bold and like to express yourself in front of a camera, choose to produce an original video Resume/CV. It is the ideal solution for recruiters to get to know you better and, in addition, it allows you to offer an image of confidence and trust in what you do. We all know that talking on camera or in public is not an easy task. The advantage is that you can edit the videos if you are wrong!

Making this video Resume can be a long work, but we think it may be worth it. You can also share your original video on social and corporate networks in the hope that it will attract the attention of a recruiter.

If you are more reserved but attach importance to creativity, make an original Resume/CV in the form of an animated video. Do this by using animation programs or taking pictures that will bring a personal touch to your presentation.

What matters most is that there is a certain consistency between your way of being and the content of your Resume/CV. All the elements you develop must represent you and you must feel identified with them.

  1. Make a book or portfolio to present your work in a different way

If you are wondering how to create a different Resume/CV for a graphic designer, photographer, artist, painter or sculptor, the idea of creating a digital portfolio is the perfect solution for this type of profile.

There are multiple platforms that will allow you to create an online portfolio. In particular, we reorder Portfolio box from you. Its use is very simple and its designs very successful!

Make this portfolio and use it to include your Resume/CV at the end of it. Integrate it into a page that matches the design of your portfolio, on which you will define your profile and show your experiences and abilities. Recruiters will thus have all the information they need to know you, evaluate your professional profile and judge your work.

Finally, don’t hesitate to download one of our Resume/CV examples in Word format.

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