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3 Jackets Everyone Should Have in Their Wardrobe

Are you tired of spending your days in the same old T-shirt and sweatpants combo? Join the club. The ‘new normal’ has us stepping out less frequently than we did before, cutting down drastically on occasions to dress up for. Button-down shirts and dress shoes might be a thing of the past, but that’s no excuse to live life in the same lockdown uniform day after day. Now that we are well on the cusp of winter, it’s time for a wardrobe rehaul. This doesn’t mean you add another bunch of T-shirts to your cart and call it a day. Know that there’s more to life than this–which is why Sporto is here to help.

The key to looking smart is layering and jackets are a man’s best friend. Whether you are spending your day in and out of Zoom meetings or stepping out to make a quick grocery run, a jacket will always come handy. From biker jackets to hoodies, here are the top three picks your wardrobe is incomplete without. These style staples will take you from day to night to weekends and elevate your everyday attire. Are you ready to suit up?

1. Ace Up Your Sleeveless Jacket

Gone are the days of the power suit. There’s a new player in town, and it is the slim-fit sleeveless jacket. Fans of the TV show Silicon Valley will instantly recognise this staple, which has also been spotted on the likes of billionaire icons like Jeff Bezos. The sleeveless jacket is dress-code appropriate without being oppressive and can take you from home to gym to game night without a thought. Simply throw it over your T-shirt and jeans outfit and up the ante on your style quotient. What’s more? The 3D ribbed fabric makes it ultra stretchable and flexible to fit all body types and activity levels. Could it get any better?

2. Boys From The Hoodie

Ah, the humble hoodie. A friend to all and appealing to most. This jacket ranks high on cosiness and functionality, making it a can’t-do-without item in any man’s closet. The best thing about a stylish hoodies for men is it’s made for all ages and sizes. From college students to out-and-about adults, hoodies always bring comfort, even on chilly winter nights. For a season-ready upgrade, look for a piece that fits well and has an interesting detail, like colour-blocking on this one. Team it with your favourite pair of dark jeans and some seriously cool sneakers for when you want to hit up your local haunts with the gang. High on style and ready for all-weather situations, the hoodie jacket is pure perfection in an item of clothing.

3. Go Va-Va Vroom

Style icons and trend hunters alike will agree that the most versatile item in a man’s closet is a biker jacket. Arguably the best invention since the wheel, the biker jacket packs a solid punch, teetering on the edge of high style and utility. A slim-cut, close-collared piece like this one is the ultimate value for your moolah as you can pair it with a dressed down T-shirt of a classy white shirt. When buying this jacket, the material is of the essence – you want to look for luxurious fabrics and clean lines as seen on this piece. This fast-drying microfiber material is a great way to add a protective layer for your ensemble, keeping you looking uber-trendy even during unexpected showers. Get the most mileage out of this classic jacket when you are cruising around the city on your bike. If there’s only one thing you’ll buy for the rest of this year, make it this biker jacket.

And there you have it, the jackets you need to add to your shopping list so that you are suitably prepared for the seasons to come. Wear these with henleys, polos or V-neck t-shirts you can find here and slip into pairs of slim-cut joggers or sweatpants available at Sporto to live your athleisure-ly cool life. With these versatile pieces, you’ll never be stuck in a wardrobe rut ever again. Talk about staying effortlessly cool no matter what the season, eh?

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