3 Must-Try Apps To Help You In Writing

Writing can sometimes be a pain. You might be writing an essay, article, or important papers, and suddenly you get lost in your thoughts, you might forget to type in the vital information, or not have enough words to reach the required word count. This is the reason why we should be organized while we are writing.

In this day and age, there is an abundance of useful apps that help us daily like, Waze, dropbox, Facebook, and much more. Some apps help you write. The apps can improve grammar, arranging your ideas, etc. In this article, we will be showing you some apps that will help you in your writing journey.


Coggle is a mind-mapping web application. It works by structuring ideas by having the main idea in the middle and other related ideas branching out, making it look like a tree. Compared to other applications, this is simple to use but, although it is simple to use, it lacks some advanced features, which makes Coggle aim towards newcomers.

With Coggle, you can work with your group mates or colleagues in real-time. You can also upload images into your mind map, so you have extra clarity. Both Android and iOS support Coggle, so if that doesn’t make you want to try it, the authors promise that their service, Coggle will always be free, forever.


Evernote is the ultimate note-taking app. It is not just a note-taker, but so much more. Evernote Corporation developed Evernote. The app was released on June 24, 2008, in an open beta stage. By July of 2011, Evernote reached 11 million users, which is a lot when you consider it has only been out for three years.

Evernote has a wide array of features ranging from web page saving, handwrite search, search for pdf or documents if you have a premium account, and much more. One of the more helpful features is spaces. It allows a group of people to share each of their notes and to make working together more organized and efficient.


Grammarly is fantastic when you are writing. It offers so much, even if you don’t spend money on a premium account. Grammarly can also check your work. It checks spelling and grammar. It also has a useful feature that gives suggestions about the clarity, engagement, correctness, delivery, and tone of your work.

You can check your work by copying and pasting it on their website and check it to your heart’s content. Though you can only check up to 100,000 characters at a time due to the Grammarly word count limit, and this includes spaces. So if you have more than the amount, then check your work in batches writes textsheet more versatile.

The way Grammarly can do this is also quite impressive. It uses artificial intelligence to learn how to do all of this. Anyways, Grammarly is not just bound to its website, it can also be installed to be part of your browser, so you can always be able to check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation on the go.


These are our list of apps that will help you improve the quality of your writings. Coggle will be the one who will be able to arrange or map out your ideas, Evernote can take down notes and organize thoughts, so it becomes more coherent. And then, we have Grammarly, which is the app that will check your work so it can be of the highest quality.

Ensuring that your work is the best will help you improve not only your writing skills, but it will also help shape you to be better in the field of communication. Make sure that you develop your writing skills every day as it is crucial in every area of work.

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