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Analyzing hundreds or even thousands of blogs daily, you find the ones you could contribute to. Reaching out to bloggers by means of emails and asking for collaboration is right when it comes to professional communication.

And what do you do when a blogger leaves no visible email? How do you connect with them? Or do you simply ignore them? That’s not the thing to do.


I’ve analyzed the market and collected three tools you need to build a backlinks base. They are email finder, email verifier, and email drip campaigns.

An email finder to search for the bloggers’ email addresses

As mentioned above, email is the best way to reach out to people and bloggers are not an exception. Yet, where and how to get an email address if a person hasn’t left it right on the website? You need an email finder tool to search for their email addresses.

An email finder is a tool that helps email marketers find email addresses of the right people and reach out to them. You can get such instruments on the web in the form of web applications (that often go with browser extensions onboard) or simply software. All they perform different types of search on websites. Still, they are quick, accurate, easy-to-use, and you can get contact details of people in a matter of minutes.

The benefits of email finder tools for backlinks are endless but the most important one is automation. You don’t have to spend much time on manual search: the tool makes everything on its own and you just need to click the Search button.

The result of automation is simple. It makes email hunters time-saving. In a matter of minutes, the tool provides you with a list of email addresses associated with a definite domain or email addresses found on a webpage.

The tool works on its own. So you have a bit of free time for other tasks, for example, have a cup of coffee.


Most professionals use SaaS platforms more often than software. And it’s clear why:

  • They do not demand spare space on PC because everything is stored in the cloud
  • Consequently, there are no PC installation requirements because you don’t have to install anything
  • SaaS platforms perform their work quicker
  • Minimal training is required
  • SaaS platforms are accessible from anywhere. You only need a PC and an Internet connection, so you can easily log in and perform any search
  • SaaS platforms are cheaper and you can choose the plan according to your business size. Moreover, even solopreneurs can afford it


The pricing plans vary from platform to platform and the key reason for this is that all they are for different niches and businesses of various sizes. The price also depends on how many emails you can find per month: the more you need, the more you pay. Luckily, almost every SaaS-platform offers not only monthly plans but yearly, too. This lets you save up to 20% monthly. On average, the pricing plans start at $29 per month.

An email checker to see if the email address is correct

An email checker, or an email verifier, is a tool that lets you check if the found email address is written correctly, valid, and can receive emails. Verification is an inevitable step because even when you use an email finder, the results may be incorrect.


When verifying email lists, you go to the safe side being sure that every email you send will go right into the recipients’ hands and they won’t bounce.

The bounce rate is the ratio of emails that do not reach the recipients to the general amount of sent emails. And here’s the problem: the higher the bounce rate, the lower your sender’s reputation. The lower your sender’s reputation is, the quicker your sender’s IP will end in the blacklist. This means you won’t be able to send emails. Not that exciting, is it? So this is the first reason why email verification matters.

Consequently, if the bounce rate is high, the deliverability of emails goes down the drain. And that’s the second reason why you need this tool.

As you can see, an email verifier is a tool you really need to build backlinks if you still want to reach out to bloggers. Cause what’s the sense in sending emails with collaboration offers if no one will see your message?

And now, let’s have a look at how they work. In general, there are five main steps to verify emails. Though, some verifiers give even a more detailed email analysis.


  • Typos and syntax mistakes check. The first thing every email verifier checks is the syntax. Namely, if none of the symbols is missed and they all are at their places (@, dots, etc) and if there are no forbidden symbols (#, !, etc).
  • Domain ping. The next step is the check if the email domain is active.
  • Catch-all check. Catch-all emails are the ones that are supposed to receive all emails sent to incorrect email addresses associated with a definite domain. 
  • MX record check. MX record is a technical name of an email address and if it is absent, the email address won’t be able to get emails.
  • Email address ping. Ping is a kind of a technical message sent to an email address to check if it can receive emails.


When choosing an email verifier, you need to pay attention to a few characteristics to not be out of the loop and not spend money in vain.


  • Quality-to-price ratio. No one wants to spend bags of money and get nothing as a result. Be patient and get ready to spend time to find the tool offering the necessary amount of verified emails at a reasonable price.
  • Bulk email verification and the possibility to upload files. One-by-one email verification works well. But what if you need to check a list of bloggers’ email addresses? The more check options, the better. 
  • Verification methods. Above, I’ve described the key email verification steps. Try to find the platform that performs at least them. 
  • A part of a set of tools. It’s far more pleasant to spend money on something when you know that you will get something extra. So search for an all-in-one tool. 


Email drip campaigns to send follow-ups automatically

If you are still sure that sending welcome emails and follow-ups to bloggers and writers manually is a really nice idea, I regret to inform you that you are not quite right. Such work is a truly tough and time-consuming task.

Just imagine. You send emails to a few bloggers, you need to use an email tracker to see if they opened your email. In case they do not open it, you need to send a follow-up. So much time in vain!

In this case, automation will save you and your time. You need an email drip campaign tool.


Drip emails are the emails sent to people regularly based on the actions people take over the received emails. In case, the predefined action is performed, the follow-up is sent. So here’s what you can do with such a tool:

  • Create smart-triggered follow-up sequences: You can add triggers so when a blogger opens an email or clicks the link inside it within the predefined time, the next email is sent automatically. The system analyzes the email performance and sends follow-ups on its own. So you don’t have to track the actions manually or use another tool.
  • Schedule the email sending: Thanks to this feature, the emails are sent at a definite time, for example, at 9 am according to the time zone the blogger lives in and on the days you set.
  • Personalize emails: If your emails contain variables, they, on the one hand, are different to the spam filters and on the other hand, people love receiving personalized messages. It creates a sense of being treated specially as if they are the only ones in the whole world receiving this email from you.
  • Know the stats in detail: As a rule, such tools offer a statistics feature that provides you with details on the campaign performance. You always know who opened the email from you, clicked the link, replied to the emails, and unsubscribed. With this information, you can pass over to another step, for example, start a face-to-face communication discussing the details of your collaboration or clarifying the reasons why they refused to cooperate.


All in all, drip emails are a great solution for those who want to reach out to bloggers and build a backlinks base. Here’s the way you will benefit if you decide to send emails via an email drip campaign tool:

  • Automation is the thing every professional aims at. With automation tools, any work becomes quick and easy. This way we can say they are time-saving. And that’s the right thing for a busy writer.
  • Time-saving: every email is sent automatically. You just need to spend a bit of time and build a chain of emails and then, everything will be performed without your participation. Your hands are free and you can either search for new bloggers to reach out to and add them to the launched campaign or write an article for a blog.
  • Easy-to-use: some tools on the web provide a drag-n-drop campaign builder. Are they easy? Yes. You simply take an element, drop it in the builder field, and draw a line between two elements. Easy? Yup.
  • Affordable: especially when you work within small-sized businesses, money means everything and you need to save them as much as possible. Surely, not all of such tools are affordable. Often, you can come across something too pricey. When there’s a will, there’s a way.
  • A part of an all-in-one tool: often, users paying once have access to a few other tools provided by the platform. They can be an email finder, email verifier, or anything else or the whole set. How awesome is that? You don’t have to pay separately for every feature to find bloggers and reach out to them. That’s truly a sweet deal.

Your choice

So we’ve finally come to the conclusion. And what can we say here? Firstly, to build backlinks base, you need to reach out to people somehow and ask for cooperation. The best way is via emails because this is the widely used professional means of business communication. To find the bloggers’ contact information, you need three simple tools: email finder, email verifier, and email drip campaigns tool.


To not spend money in vain, search for the platform that offers all-in-one solutions. Believe me, there are such platforms, and also, they are affordable. So don’t think that the more the platform offers, the more pricey it is.

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