4 Research Tips To Find the Perfect Authoring Tool For Your Course


So, you are planning to create and launch your eLearning course! The idea is great. After all, eLearning is one legendary method of transferring knowledge.

But do you have an idea about the authoring tool that you are going to use for this course?

Do you know the essential features that it must have?

Are you aware of the factors to consider before buying an authoring tool?

Well, even if you don’t, we are here to save the day. Here are four research tips that’ll help you find the right authoring tool for your course.

1. Compare; Not Just The Tools, But Their Courses

One important step that course developers often forget about is comparing the courses that different authoring tools are creating.

As you aim at designing and developing an eLearning course with this authoring tool, you should make sure that the courses that it can create match your design needs and expectations.

And the simplest way of doing that is by comparing the final courses that the authoring tools that you are considering have created.

This way, you will also get to discover edgy style elements that different authoring tools are offering.

2. Does the Authoring Tool Fit Your Skill Level?

As the online learning industry is on a boom, there’s a world of eLearning authoring tools out there.

Yes, you can get all levels of features, add ons, and whatnot! But will you be able to make the most out of those features? Is your authoring tool skill level up to the mark for leveraging all the complex functions that a super-premium authoring tool may offer?

Well, if yes, you can surely consider getting a feature-rich authoring tool.

However, if you are just starting off, it’d be better to focus on creating great course content and publishing it using a low-end authoring tool.

This will also save you a good deal of money and time that you’d have to spend, training yourself around the other authoring tool’s features.

3. Identify the Features That Matter The Most

As already mentioned, there are myriads of authoring tool options to choose from, and most of them offer different features. But the most important thing to consider is whether these features are useful for your course or not.

It’s like, many latest eLearning authoring tools may have all the high-tech features that may build some of the most beautiful and comprehensive eLearning courses, but they may not fulfil your specific needs.

So, look around your course content and list down the most important features that you need in an authoring tool.

4. Is the Tool Accessible Across Difference Devices?

It’s a mobile world and apps/tools/websites that can’t be accessed on smartphones surely lack behind those that do.

The same will factor in while you will be looking forward to purchasing an eLearning authoring tool.

So, do your research. Explore your options and see whether those tools can be accessed on smartphones, tablets and other screen sizes so you don’t have to stall important work, just because you couldn’t find a desktop nearby.

Apart from this, the tool should also allow you to create eLearning courses that can be accessed across a variety of devices, as your learners are also living in the same mobile world.

Final words

Finding the right tool for your awesome-blossom, filled with passion eLearning course can often be a challenge. With so many options to choose from and with so many high-tech features to consider, confusion comes at a rate of knots.

That’s why, in this post, we tried solving that for you. Here you read about four tips to research and find the perfect authoring tool for your course.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

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