5 Advantages Of Corporate Video Production To Engage Your Staff

Today, organisations are not limited to traditional marketing tools. With technology catapulting over to digital platforms, businesses need to devise plans accordingly. As businesses engage in numerous tools of engagement, the options are unlimited. However, nothing’s more efficient and effective than producing videos.

But it’s quite a task to produce a compelling video, communicating the right message by evoking the interest of targeted audiences. Companies willing to create an engaging brand promotion at a higher level, require assistance from the corporate video production company.

Such organisations help brands portray their brand story to a vast audience base that appeals to their attention and connects with them personally. Based on the statistics of Wirebuzz, brands that use videos earn 49% more revenue compared to the ones that don’t use videos.

Let’s know a bit more about corporate video in detail.

What is Corporate Video?

A corporate video is a high-quality video that a company or organisation develops. Generally, the intention of creating corporate videos is to bring awareness and promote the brand’s story to a defined group.

Corporate videos are created in business settings with definite purposes like:

  • New product or service demonstration.
  • Training, instructions, and safety videos for employees.
  • Investor presentations.
  • Client and audience testimonials.
  • Activity or event summaries.
  • Interviews or collaborations with company leaders.
  • Company’s introduction.
  • Live webcasting.

Importance of Corporate Videos in the Business World

Now, there are several ways to consume information. Many people enjoy reading written texts like blogs, while others react better to visual cues. Forbes Insight found that 59% of senior executives would watch a video rather than reading text.

Corporate videos are a great medium to reach the target audience in this ever-increasing competitive business world. However, this is not the only objective behind promoting videos. Businesses prefer corporate video production because it has endless possibilities.

There is no denying that corporate videos are an excellent tool for marketing strategies. When Google indexes a video, it instantly boosts the search engine rankings.

This indicates more website traffic where viewers gain brand awareness and convert into potential customers. Video content visually appeals to stimulate an interest in boring or long-winded information that would otherwise lose traction if delivered through a text or presentation.

Let’s continue with this post and see how corporate video production can engage your staff.

Benefits of Corporate Video Production to Engage your Staff

Use Video to Promote Brand Awareness

Most of you will attest to this statement that videos have the power to create a strong emotional feeling and response. So, it’s a great tool to engage your audience with invoking messages from corporate video production. The videos are simply remarkable to highlight the company’s assets, growth, achievements, and other stuff like brand design.

It leaves a strong, memorable impression in the minds of the viewers. This is also a great idea to make your staff familiar with the company culture. Branding your company provides you with a chance to showcase the company’s uniqueness compared to the other industries. With assistance from a video production studio, you will be able to add quality to your content.

Provide Enhanced Training Experience to the Employees

Training is an essential part when inducting any new employees into the organisation. But do you know instructor-based training programmes are both time and money-consuming? The spearheading technology through the use of corporate videos is enabling quick e-learning of the staff.

The video-based training programmes are making it more engaging and exciting for the employees. Moreover, they can learn effectively from the visual demonstrations that a trainer or manual guide won’t deliver.

An instructor will charge per session to train the employees. In comparison, it involves only a one-time cost to create these videos with video production services. Moreover, these videos are easily accessible in the system eliminating the need to rush to the instructor even if they have missed or not understood anything.

Brings a Robust Combination of Powerful Audio and Video Elements

Most of the companies invest heavily in the training programme of their staff. Regretfully, after the training session is over, employees tend to forget 65% of what they have covered during the training. As the months keep on passing, the percentage figure increases rapidly.

But when you plan a solid training session with a robust combination of audio and visual effects, the retention rates can accelerate to 65%. Instead of giving a boring explanation, why not show them the process in a video format? Why corporate videos fascinate is because it combines an experience of spoken words and visual storytelling.

Corporate video editing mechanisms can spice up even boring information related to an investor presentation. Including colour schemes, animations, music, background imagery, and other effects can transform a plain corporate video to the next level of engaging content.

Drives Consistency through Better Explanation

Think of explaining a critical concept of your company like software installation to all your staff. It will be challenging to make all the employees understand if it was simply communicated or described through written words. With the help of corporate video production, it’s a reliable way to deliver the information to the employees.

The video platform makes it reliable to develop a clear and precise message through engaging titles, imagery, words, and sounds. You can take help from an explainer video showing how to use a particular software or tool. Most importantly, these topics have to be taught uniformly to everyone.

Now, as the company expands, operations grow, and new sales channels are opened, it’s a challenge to render the same training quality to all teams at once. You can solve the problem by leveraging video-oriented training that offers a consistent learning experience for everyone.

Track ROI for Better Employee Engagement

Organisations that have a futuristic outlook communicate their goals with transparency and consistency. It will make the staff feel that they fit in the plan of the company’s future. Share with them every update to track, measure, and participate in the company’s success.

With corporate video promotion, business gets a wider reach to the audiences regarding their products and services. There is a valid reason why you should invest in a corporate video production that helps to create incredible videos that convert audiences into customers. It means higher ROI for the business.

When employees get to know the organisation’s success, they rather feel motivated to perform better, indicating an engaged workforce.


Corporate videos are impactful, and they help transform the content by making it captivating for the employees. You might feel a bit hesitant, but you can take help from an experienced corporate video production company in Melbourne, to give it a start.

This will simply help you measure the effectiveness of engaging staff in your organisation. Here’s a takeaway tip: while creating corporate videos, always try to keep it simple. All the best!

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