5 Benefits to Reap by Adopting to the DevOps Culture

A ‘State of DevOps’ report shows that the key differentiator and value driver for organizations is often measured by its ability to quickly and efficiently develop and deliver software. Over the decade, the most effective methodology to accomplish this is DevOps.

Moreover, another survey focused on the state of IT modernization conducted by IDG states that only 26% of organizations around the world have completed the initial stages of DevOps and IT modernization. Even then, they have seen a significant impact on their business operations, which includes improved quality of service, better customer experience, cost-saving, uptime, and creating revenue-generating products and services.

With multiple companies adopting this concept and reaping the benefits through their commitment in DevOps training, it goes without saying that when it comes to software development and deployment, DevOps is the way to go. In this article, we will discuss the benefits that companies can leverage by adopting the DevOps culture in their organization.

Why DevOps: In The Words of The Experts

Before delving into DevOps’ benefits, let’s first hear from the experts about why companies should adopt DevOps culture:

Brett Hofer, Director at ESPN Media & Disney 

In one of his many enlightening posts, ‘The Art of DevOps: An Introduction to Landscape,’ Brett Hofer refers to the art of DevOps as a battlefield, in which he says, “Ultimately, we’re fighting for the absolute best services and features that we can deliver to our customers as quickly as we possibly can, and eliminating the “War Room” scenario we are all so familiar with.”

In just a few words, Brett managed to sum up some of the most compelling business benefits and values that organizations get to leverage from by adopting the DevOps culture.

Chris DeGonia, Director of QA at International SOS 

On a recent podcast, Chris talks about the need for DevOps in today’s fast-paced world, wherein he says, “DevOps is definitely here to stay. It is something that teams really need to get their hands around if they are not already working in DevOps space. They need to scale up or skill up to make it. Because it’s not becoming a slower-paced world, we’re certainly facing a faster-paced world as we move forward.”

Following his thought, it’s true that in this fast-paced world, organizations cannot afford to hold to their silos and follow the same age-old processes if they want to achieve excellence. Instead, they need to sync with the current requirements and disrupt themselves and change their process with support from DevOps.

The Business Benefits of Adopting The DevOps Culture

Mentioned below are some of the most prominent benefits that businesses can leverage by adopting the DevOps culture.

Improve Delivery Time

The main principles of DevOps are automation, continuous delivery, and building a quick feedback cycle. Hence, the aim of this concept is to ensure that the software development cycle is smooth, prevents errors, and is fast. An evolution from the Agile methodology, DevOps makes use of automation to ensure a smooth flow of the SDLC, which promotes a collaborative culture within the organization. Moreover, it improves the scope for quick and continuous feedback, which ensures that glitches or software errors can be identified and rectified at a much faster pace.

Encourages Collaboration Between Teams 

The development and deployment of software have become functions in a round-the-clock environment in today’s days, and collaboration between the Development and Operations teams is important now more than ever.

By adopting DevOps, these teams will have an automated platform and mandatory processes set in place, which encourages mutual collaboration, communication, and integration between the two teams. Due to this, the earlier set boundaries between the two teams are getting blurred, as each team member has a separate mission to accomplish together, and are together responsible for meeting the quality and timeline of the deliverables.

Improve Customer Experiences 

According to a ‘State of DevOps’ report, organizations that adopted DevOps were able to improve their deployment frequency 200x, recovery time 24x, and lower change failure rates 3x. Hence, by adopting this methodology and automating the delivery pipeline, companies are able to ensure the reliability and stability of an application after every new update or release. Needless to say that when an application performs well in production, customers are able to enjoy the benefit of increased customer satisfaction.

Continuous Release and Software Deployment 

Due to the high demand and customer requirements, companies often need to continuously deliver quality software, for which they need to reduce go-to-market timelines and adapt shorter release cycles. By adopting the DevOps culture, companies get the benefit of automation, and automated CI/CD pipelines facilitate the Dev and Ops teams to develop and integrate code almost instantaneously. Moreover, the quality aspect of the code is taken care of by the embedded QA. Hence, DevOps uses automation to ensure that companies are more efficient, produce higher-quality software, and are able to deliver faster and continuous releases.

Building An Innovative Mindset 

The adoption of DevOps encourages streamlined processes, automates most of the mundane and redundant work, and ensures quality builds. This results in the deployment phases being more relaxed, and the teams are more rested and pressure-free. This enables the team to bring out their creative and innovative mindset while solving any challenge or resolving certain issues.

There are many more benefits of adopting DevOps, and with more companies adopting this approach, it’s imperative to fall in line to stay one step ahead of the competition. If you’re looking to learn more about how to incorporate DevOps in your company culture, you could consider enrolling for our DevOps Certification Course in Bangalore.

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