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5 Best Cloud Storage for Business Growth

Cloud solutions for small business

Cloud has turned out to be a game-changer for countless businesses. More than 83% of enterprise workloads are expected to be over the cloud by the end of this year.

Today, we will help you choose the best business cloud storage for your needs. Along with that, we will share a few words to make the concept of cloud storage crystal clear to you.

What is Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a very simple concept. You store your data on remote servers, located at some other place, under the management of a cloud company. Anyone can access and manage the data on the remote or cloud servers over the internet.

You can rent space on cloud servers and use various ancillary services to manage your data.

There are three main types of business cloud storage solutions-

  1. Public cloud: Public clouds are servers where several businesses store their data. You have your own dedicated space but share the computing resources with other parties.
  2. Private cloud: Here, you are the sole owner of the cloud storage for business. You have full control on your data and a tailored environment to suit your operations.
  3. Hybrid cloud: This is a mix of private and public cloud server storage for small business. Some data resides on public servers, while the rest is on private ones.

Benefits of Cloud Data Storage Solutions for Business

Moving to cloud storage can bring a number of advantages-

Low Cost

Cloud storage costs 3 – 4-times less than owning a server, according to cloud migration firm Alpacked. You don’t need to buy any hardware or pay salaries to an IT team. The maintenance is also handled by the cloud storage business provider.

You can pay in monthly pay-as-you-go rates for ultimate cost-effectiveness.

Scale Easily

The best cloud solutions for small business allow you to scale without hassles. You can enjoy unlimited storage and computing resources just by paying more.


Top cloud computing solutions for small business spend on top-tier security. They also comply with data privacy and security standards like-

  • SOC2
  • ISO27001


Leading cloud storage providers monitor their servers 24/7 for any issues. You can get optimum uptime and instant resolution of problems. The provider takes all responsibility to maintain the server on your behalf.

How to Choose the Best Cloud Storage for Small Business

Best cloud storage for business market share
Global cloud service market share 2019

1. AWS

Amazon Web Services or AWS is the best cloud storage for business. It’s the most used cloud based server for small business, and for good reasons. You can even use a simple storage service called Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

AWS may turn out to be a bit technical for a few people. However, professional team is able to guide you through every step. AWS can be a good choice if you are looking for uncompromised reliability and uptime.

2. G Suite

G Suite is the enterprise version of the free Google Drive. It’s the best cloud server for small business for collaborating using everyday apps like Gmail, Google Docs, and more.

G Suite even comes with a range of features to streamline workflow and manage data. You can also easily integrate G Suite with most apps for seamless operations. You should choose a certified Google Cloud Architect that can help you make the switch with ease.

3. Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is the ideal cloud solution for small business that relies on Windows. Coming from Microsoft, the cloud storage is the answer to Google Drive. You can have a free account on OneDrive, and enjoy free storage space of 15GB, just like Google.

OneDrive is way cheaper than even Google and makes a good option for businesses on a budget. You get all the perks of Microsoft like Office, Outlook, and more to manage your business efficiently.

4. DropBox

DropBox used to be personal cloud storage, but not anymore. Businesses can now use DropBox for enterprise storage with easy integrations, activity monitoring, and good security. It’s also the best cloud sharing for businesses with options of sharing data with non-DropBox users.

Business plans start with 1TB storage per user and are quite affordable for small businesses. You have to pay around $15 per user for the starter enterprise plan.

DropBox even offers a remote wipe feature to protect data in case of mishaps.

5. Azure

Azure is an enterprise-grade cloud storage solution from Microsoft. You can take advantage of a range of tiered-storage options as per your needs. The Azure Blob storage even allows you to store unstructured data as objects or blobs.

Azure is also perfect to use for data lakes and develop cloud-native apps.

Final Thoughts

You need to choose a cloud storage solution based on your unique business needs. Alpacked can help you pick the right option and guide you across the process of cloud migration. Contact them today for professional cloud consulting for leading solutions like AWS or Azure. Professional team can assist you in choosing the best cloud storage to improve productivity and grow your profitability.

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