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Technology has advanced, and today finding out people is not a big deal. Multiple reliable free people search sites assist in finding every little detail of an individual. These people search sites enable you to find out the phone number, address, and every other essential information about a person. With these search sites, the users can get to search their lost relative, childhood friend, or any other important person. However, some of the search sites come with certain drawbacks. Thus, choosing the best people search site is crucial. Some of the most notable media for searching people include:


One of the most authentic people search sites is It allows you to get information about your searched person like his/her present address, age, contact number, former address, possibly connected people, email address, etc. All you need to do is entering the person’s name, city, or any known contact number. You do not even require entering the surname, TruePeopleSearch will show you all the records of people with a similar name. If you find it hard to find out your desired person among the vast records, you can use the age filter.


With PeekYou, your searching game can get smoother and convenient. The site offers you to search for your desired person in multiple ways. It cannot be called a completely free people search platform. But, you do not require to pay any penny to access the necessary information like email address, contact number, picture, etc. If the site is unable to look for the data itself, it draws data from other similar platforms.


Another free people search platform that generates results faster and better is Linkedin. However, you can only search for the involved professional networks through this online tool. Its natural access features, the direct result, etc. have increased its popularity of this platform. The only drawback that you can encounter with Linkedin is that the person you have looked for might get an alert of your activity. The user-friendly interface and fast results have made the platform extremely helpful.


Over the years, Radaris has received favorable reviews from the users. It has helped many people to find out their classmates, relatives, and colleagues. This free people search tool also allows users to access criminal records and sex offenders’ reports, etc. You only need to enter two necessary information of the person like his/her first and last name and the city, state, or zip code. The site itself handles the rest of the task. Radaris provides authentic information such as full name, age, relative’s names, relationship status, current social media accounts, pictures, address, and so on! It also informs you if the person has any mugshot or criminal record.


Like PeekYou, this people search website is partially free, which means it allows you to fetch the necessary information without any cost. Zabasearch offers you to check out a person’s age, picture, court records, phone directories, current address, contact number, etc.  

The next time if you need to dig up some trustworthy information about an individual, make sure to avail of these reliable search sites.

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