5 Best Torrent Alternatives that Still Work in 2020

You used to love downloading movies, books, software, games, and music for free. But torrent sites are in the grey zone. We can debate if they violate authorship rights, since all they do is mediate between those who share and get content. What we know for sure is that those websites are having trouble staying online, and many of our favorite ones have been shut down over the years.

If you thought that the time of torrent sites was over, you might be wrong. Kickass, PirateBay, and other top choices are still popular. But there are alternatives that might be even better. There are content-rich and reliable torrenting sites that still work. We’ll list the best ones.

Top 5 Alternative Torrent Sites that Work in 2020


You don’t like the heavy interface with irrelevant suggestions that’s typical for popular torrent sites? Monova is the right choice for you. It has a minimalistic interface. You might need to figure out how to enable pop ups on Mac, as most other sites require this feature to give you the torrent options. This website will bother you with some ads, but they aren’t too heavy.

As for the library, Monova has a great one. It produces a powerful search for functional results.


If your preferred website is down, LimeTorrents is a good alternative. It has plenty of seeders, so you can expect decent download speed. However, older torrents may have trouble downloading due to a lack of seeders.

By the way, this is a great website for downloading PC games!

3. (YIFY Movies)

If you’re looking for a website that sources reliable movie torrents, this is a great one. All torrents are vetted. This means that you can be sure that you won’t download any malware with the files. The only downside is that YTS is blocked in Australia, USA, UK, Iceland, Greece, Ireland, and a few other countries. With a decent VPN program, you can sort out that issue.

You may also have an issue with the many pop-ups. You might want to activate Safari’s pop-up blocker again when using it.

4. (Demonoid)

The website suffered a major loss in 2018, but it quickly rose and became one of the best alternatives to PirateBay. Since 2019, we have its new version with millions of users and over 800K of torrent files. You can use it for movies, software, TV shows, music, and more. The only thing that’s prohibited is pornographic material.

Demonoid is a versatile torrent platform, and that makes it special. Keep in mind that it’s banned in the UK and Ukraine.


This platform has an impressive library of PC game torrents. However, it also holds a massive number of torrents for TV shows and movies. Other categories include books, pictures, anime, textbooks, magazines, and apps.

The interface is a tad busy, but that seems to be the standard with torrent services. The important thing is that you’re likely to find whatever you’re looking for. Zooqle has a strong base of loyal users, so we can safely say that the platform is growing. It will gain more authority in the future.

Torrenting Still Works

In 2020, most people prefer streaming services to watch movies and TV shows. They are faster and more convenient, since the files don’t take any space on their computer. But torrents still work! Maybe you want to watch a movie offline. Plus, torrents are essential for getting free music, software, apps, and books. Streaming services don’t give you that.

Mainstream giants, such as Kickass and PirateBay are the first choice for most people, but you should know that there are effective alternatives as well. Some of them may be safer and faster. Check out the list of torrent website alternatives above; you might need them when your favorite service is down.

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