5 Free Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

There are a lot of social media platforms that are a great way to meet more people and showcase your art, business or more. But there’s nothing as popular as Instagram for people who want to operate a business and earn from it. Everyone has heard of Instagram Influencers. These are people who have millions of followers who follow their every move and do whatever the influencer does and go wherever the influencer goes. These Influencers get to try out expensive food, visit hotels, travel in business class and more for free. But the only thing you need to have a shot at getting all these freebies is a huge follower list. It’s easier said than done to get and then maintain a huge follower list. To help you out here are the top 5 tips:

Register using Facebook

Nowadays you can sign on to any platform using Facebook. If there is one social media site that is accepted as a mark of proof then it’s Facebook. Registering using Facebook instead of your email will ensure that you automatically begin following your family and friends who are Instagram users. This in turn also makes it easier for them to follow you back. If you have a lot of friends on FB then you can get a headstart on Instagram. Also, it’s way easier to set up your Instagram account using Facebook.

Make sure to upload quality photos

Quality photos don’t just mean high-quality photos. It also means talking aesthetically pleasing pictures. If you are posting pictures of a place you visited then ensure that it is appealing to the viewer. Your viewer must be enticed by the place. On the other hand, if you want to be a food Instagrammer then make sure to take pictures of food in a way that makes the viewer’s mouth water. Your whole motto should be to make the picture appealing. Use a good camera and take extra care of focus and lighting.

When you post such high-quality pictures then the chances of getting more likes and comments increase. This, in turn, will increase your number of followers. Make sure to put out good quality pictures consistently to keep the followers.

Engage with others

Once you settle into the niche you want to be famous on- be it in food, travel, comics, pop culture or something else; the next step is to start building your network. When you have posted some set of photos in your account, begin to make your presence known in that niche by interactions with others. The only way of doing this is by liking other’s pics and commenting on it. This will intrigue the poster and their followers which in turn will make them follow you. But this will take a little bit more time.

Begin following others 

The best way to gain followers is simply by following others. If you have a good set of photos already in your Instagram account, then a follow to other accounts will make them check your profile and give you a follow back. Begin by following people in your niche and then expand your range by following people who work in the related fields.

Do shoutouts and hashtagging

Make sure to do shoutouts and use relevant hashtags. Shoutouts are a very effective method of promoting others on your Instagram account and in turn being promoted on their account. This shoutouts exchange is very effective and it’s a win-win circumstance for both. All you have to do for it to reach out to the people operating in your niche. You can do so via email or a direct message. Hashtags are also very effective when it comes to getting more visibility and popularity. If you use the relevant hashtags then people who search for these tags will be able to find your work. Of course, you need to do a bit of research and put in the hashtags, which are the highest searched and also which work for your pictures. Don’t out anything arbitrarily or you will ruin your public image.

The Extra Path To Increase Instagram Followers- Buy your followers

This might surprise you, but you will be able to buy social media followers. You can certainly buy Twitter followers and you can now also buy Instagram followers. Many people think that these followers are just bots that have no faces and idiotic usernames which are a meaningless combination of letters and numbers. It’s undeniable that such bots are used by many to increase their followers count. But they will be a dead giveaway to anyone who looks through your follower list. But that’s not the case now. If you are willing to pay a little bit more than you can get authentic accounts following you. These accounts are operated by a person behind the keyboard. The profile picture is also there and the username is not a nonsensical key smash in this case. You will get your value for money. You can also get packages for this thing. Along with more followers, you will also be able to buy likes and comments on your pictures.

But know one thing. Instagram is well aware of such fake followers. Even if there is a person behind the keyboard, you are essentially paying them to follow you. This is unlike real followers who will follow you on their own. Also, these accounts are not well maintained and anyone a little bit suspicious will know that these are just a step above stupid bots. If Instagram comes to know about it, then your follower list will be drastically reduced and in extreme circumstances, you will even be banned.

So, you have two options here. You can do the hard work by posting good quality pictures, doing networking and such or you can simply buy followers. The best way will be to use a combination of both. Make sure to put in the effort and do the networking, but if even after that you fall short then do buy some followers. Just don’t get stuck there and work hard to replace those bots with real followers.

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