5 industries where 5G will be really successful

The 5G technology – called the fifth generation of cellular network – will revolutionize not only the tech industry in itself, but also other industries.

The new generation technology means improving the response rate, which will be dozen times faster than for the 4G. We will benefit from a greater bandwidth and higher download speeds too – that is up to 10 Gb per second.

It will provide a very low latency, a greater availably with extended coverage, but also lower power requirements. Sounds like perfect, doesn’t it? It will come, though, with important investment from in the telecommunication sector, with wide implications for the IT industry.

The 5G is expected to reach the mainstream status until 2022, and until 2024 the biggest part of the world’s telecommunications will use this technology. That means faster-streaming navigation information for vehicles, and more patients virtually visited by doctors.

All these sound like the fourth industrial revolution is on its way, with the devices and networks connected to each other working faster and better than before. But let us take a look at all the industries where the 5G technology will be successful, and how will we benefit from that.


In the health industry, it is expected that the benefits will be massive. More people will have access to more medical services, and faster too. The costs will be significantly reduced for both hospitals and patients.

5G will mean a lot less pressure on the hospital resources, and also new or improved technologies. The wearable medical devices will allow medication monitoring, and chronically ill patient will be monitored at home – that is huge for people in rural areas, or for people who cannot move.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies will improve a lot the way doctors interact with patients, but also the patient’s experiences, especially in mental health.


Transport doesn’t mean just driving your own car, but also transport networks in the big cities. The transport services need a faster and better online connection, and local authorities will benefit from the improved dynamic traffic management.

We will get to see more and more autonomous vehicles – and for that we need smarted road infrastructure, which will be improved with the help of 5G technology. That is because the new networks with very low latency will allow the vehicles to communicate with the environment almost instantaneously.

There will be autonomous cruise control, automatic parking, lane keep assistants, and so many other features brought by a better network communication, while passengers will track connected vehicles of the public transport in real time.

Live casino games

Another industry which will earn big from the 5G technology is the live casino games industry. And there are many online casinos on the market, like Unibet which offers games like Roulette, Lightning Roulette, Blackjack, Monopoly, or Baccarat. Playing all these will be much mor fun and easier, because of the benefits 5G will bring.

Also, the 5G technology will improve a lot the speed, so the live online casino interactions will benefit from this. This will allow more devices connected at the same time, for example.

Then, the mobile usage, the payment methods and new experiences will be improved or developed with the help of the 5G technology.


All the Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, Cloud technologies, Machine Learning (ML) and so on will be powered by the 5G technology. How will this help the manufacturing process? Simple.

The production lines and the tools will be much improved or even replaced with the contribution of technology. That means an easier work and a higher productivity, but also a greater safety through smarter and more secure factory equipment. Automation will be at the core of this entire process, without meaning job losses though.

Media and Entertainment

There has been a switch in the past years in the media and entertainment industry, in the direction of massive digital content which doesn’t necessarily require the old traditional media.

Streaming platforms and social media will become even more mainstream when 5G will be wide used. Video content, VR, and content for gamers will be some of the features to receive a massive boost from the higher speed and other improvements brought by the 5G technology.

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