5 Lifestyle Choices That a College Student Should Adopt in 2021

For many decades, the lifestyle of a college student has maintained a bad reputation. That is why people associate college or university with binge drinking, poor eating habits, frequently pulling all-nighters, and experimenting with different substances.

While often that is true, students can make the right decision to get rid of the bad habits and make good choices. After all, bad lifestyle choices affect the overall well-being of the individual and academic performance. Besides, you shouldn’t look back after college and wish you had made better decisions. To avoid numerous regrets, here are the top lifestyle changes worth adopting in college which can make your life happier, healthier, and more fulfilling.

Drop Study Habits Used in High School

Getting into college is tough. It requires a high school learner to study, ace assignments, and get good grades in exams. Besides, nowadays, the number of college applicants has risen considerably, which means fewer admission spots.

Moreover, even when a learner gets college admission, they meet with equally bright students, making the competition for the best grades even fiercer. As a result, high school study habits may no longer be effective in college.

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Replacing poor and ineffective study habits boosts success and ensures that you reach your full academic potential while in college.

Say No to a Sedentary Lifestyle

Strict studying commitments and partaking in too many activities leads to a lack of free time which encourages a sedentary lifestyle that brings negative long term effects such as:

  • Increases risks of cancer;
  • Can lead to obesity and inability to maintain ideal weight;
  • Increases feelings of depression and anxiety;
  • May lead to stroke and diabetes;
  • Contributes to heart diseases.

Overall a sedentary lifestyle wreaks havoc on your overall well-being resulting in health problems and higher financial costs. Students can opt to say no to an inactive lifestyle by making exercise a daily habit. However, in case your schedule doesn’t allow it or you are having a hard time accepting the concept of exercising, start slowly. For instance, take stairs instead of elevators, ride a bike to school, walk every evening around a soccer field or dorm and do housework often and at a vigorous pace.

Accept Failure

Every graduate will tell you how school life is energy draining. In academia, failure is unaccepted, and students that don’t pass are often viewed as unsuitable for that course. However, life is full of challenges and hurdles, some of which you will be victorious, but other times you will fail. Students that try to avoid failure at all costs often don’t take risks hence will not gain the courage to face uncertainties. Furthermore, through failures, a student will know which path not to take, resulting in growth.

Don’t Replace Healthy Meals with Junk Food

There is a reason why parents encourage their children to consume a healthy diet. However, college students are no longer under the watchful eyes of their parents. Hence most do not see the need to eat healthy meals, which they consider the food they don’t like. In addition, you might not realize that regular consumption of a healthy diet nourishes the body, which enhances productivity, long-term memory, and concentration.

So if you have been studying smarter but still end up with low grades, the culprit could be unhealthy eating. Instead of a steady diet of pizza, processed drinks, cheeseburgers, and other fatty foods, eat more of the five basic food groups where vegetables and fruits occupy half the plate.

Limit Energy Drinks or Too Much Coffee Consumption

Most times, college students consume energy drinks or coffee to stay awake and improve concentration, especially when studying for an upcoming test. However, the long-term effects are that your body becomes dependent on such things. When taken at night in high intakes, these two products affect sleep quality and increase blood pressure, increasing the risk of heart disease. In addition, the acidity level can cause heartburn and other health problems like dehydration and digestive issues. For a healthier lifestyle, limit consumption of coffee and energy drinks, take them in moderation, or substitute with more nutritional beverages.

If you implement at least some of the tips, you will feel improvement of your physical state and mood, in general. Thus, go ahead and use the tips to make your lifestyle better.

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