5 Main Reasons why you Should Install Fleet Tracking Device

For a couple of years, there has been cutthroat competition between emerging vehicle tracking companies. Webfleet solutions previously known as Tom Tom Telematics have been on the front line providing paramount vehicle tracking solutions.

Amazingly, the popular brand focuses on connected car services, fleet management and vehicle telematics. No matter the industry, if your business has a fleet of vehicles, investing in tracking devices is the wisest decision ever.

Webfleet solutions, true to their words, ensure their clients save fuel, increase efficiency and enhance vehicle performance in the process.

What is a Fleet Management Tracking Device?

Basically, a tracking device popularly known as telematics or GPS is a hardware system. Mounted inside a car, it works hand in hand with software which then sends information to a digitalized hub. This can be a management platform where one monitors the fleet and observes other useful information.

When connected to artificial intelligence, telematics tracking devices entirely transfigure a business to greater lengths. The beauty of it all is that you can opt to view data on specific days or time. Below are paramount reasons why you need to install fleet telematics.

1. Resourceful Routing 

Sometimes, companies spend resources and time designing a route for their fleet only to run into losses. Auspiciously, the GPS expertise used in vehicle tracking helps organizations identify fuel efficient routes. Done either in actual time or advance, the system sends a message to all drivers simultaneously. As a result, drivers take less time on the road leading to reduced fuel costs and more returns.

2. Reduced Carbon dioxide in the Environment

Crazy traffic, harsh acceleration and over speeding all contribute to increased carbon dioxide emission. With an efficient fleet management system, you can easily identify these drawbacks and develop solid solutions around them.

The principal aim is to put to a halt incompetent behaviors and practices in a firm. For every avoidable mile eradicated from your fleet’s trip, you end up saving fuel, time and carbon dioxide release. In the long run, this immensely lessen the carbon footprint and makes the world a better place to live.

3. Save on Insurance Premiums

Paying insurance premiums for a fleet is not a walk in the park. It is encouraging when several insurance providers offer discounts to fleets installed with vehicle tracking. Mainly, tracking devises reduces theft risks and hearten safe driving because of tracing and monitoring options.

This is one ideal way a thriving business can save a huge chunk of money. If well planned, these discounts can cater for other income-generating projects.

4. Find Stolen Vehicles

There is nothing as disheartening as losing part of the fleet to theft. Not only does a company lose vehicles, but there is a higher risk of cargo, stock and inventory getting stolen through the act. Fleet management system remains the most effective strategy against vehicle theft. If the ill fated happens, a reliable tracking system traces and recovers it in no time.

The main trick behind successful recovery is to report the theft immediately it happens. This enables authority to use real time GPS data to locate the vehicle.

5. Perk up Driver Safety

The safety and wellbeing of your drivers should always be at the top of the list. Spending days on the road on unfamiliar terrain can sometimes affect communication lines. Luckily, vehicle tracking enables you to locate your drivers even in harsh weather or complicated landscape.

Likewise, tracking devices promotes safer driving habits because of traceable and recorded actions on the road.

Bottom Line

Costly outlay and complex promotions charges pulls most business empires to their knees. It would then be a sigh of relief if an organization comes across a solution that cut cost and improve efficiency. Fleet telematics enables you to achieve this without breaking a sweat. With an entire load of tracking companies to choose from, settle for a brand that gives instantaneous access to your vehicle’s vital information.

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