5 Must-Know Casıno Rules for Beginners

Most of us have been taking the time inside to play in our favorite online casino NZ. There might not be any casıno s open near you yet. But if you’re a beginner who can’t wait for your next opportunity to visit a land-based casıno, have a look at the following rules first.

If you want to save yourself from the embarrassment of making a mistake in front of other players, observe the following rules of casıno etiquette.

Casıno Rule #1 – Phones

Before making your way into a casıno, you should ask their policy on cell phones. You can keep your phone with you. But it would be polite to put it on silent or vibrate to avoid distracting other players.

If you do need to take a call, step aside from the table. Additionally, most casıno s do not allow you to take pictures inside. If you do, you’ll be warned but if you continue to snap pictures, you may be asked to leave.

Rule #2 – Dress Code

Depending on the area you’re in or how glamorous the casıno is, there might be strict rules about how you should dress. Always check online or call the casıno before showing up. Alternately, you could err on the side of being too formal and wear something business casual or on the dressier side.

Rule #3 – Alcohol

Drinking in a casıno is part of the fun. However, where money bets are involved, you’ll want to take it easy. Getting drunk in a casino is a big no-no. Not only does it put you at risk of making huge mistakes, but it also makes other players uncomfortable when there is an obnoxious drunk at the table. Don’t be that person.

Rule #4 – Casıno Chips

When you join a new table, the first things you should find out are the minimum and maximum bets. In fact, you should check for this information before you join the table. It will be embarrassing for you if the dealer needs to point out that you’re making an incorrect bet.

If you want to exchange cash for chips, just put your money in front of you and the dealer will take care of it the first chance they get. Never try the get the dealer’s attention during a spin or round.

Lastly, never touch or tamper with another player’s chips. Even if they permit you. On that same note, if you need to leave the table for a moment, take your chips with you, never ask another player or the dealer to keep an eye on them.

Rule #5 – Tipping the Dealer

Many beginners aren’t aware of the fact that it’s customary to tip casıno dealers. Most players at the table will wait until they are ready to leave to tip dealer a $5 or $10 chip. The amount you tip is dependent on the stakes of the table. If you’re at a high roller table betting hundreds per hand, you may tip more to avoid looking like a cheapskate.

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