5 Rising Trends of Web Development In 2019

Web Development

Web Development is a field of constant evolution. People’s personal, social, and entrepreneurial behavior is being molded each day through web and mobile applications to suit the demands of a fast-paced, competitive lifestyle. Whether it is figuring out travel itineraries or optimizing job search, innovative web applications are coming in constant use to expand search outreach, shortlist numerous options to custom requirements, and get hooked up with just the right services needed out there.

The top trends in the software development industry in 2019 reflect optimized web and mobile browsing experience, more engagement and lesser load time, quick-response assistance, interactive web design, double-layered protection in transactions, and more. To keep your place in a competitive market, you need to partnership with a creative web application development service provider. Before you go ahead, you need to know the latest web application development trends. In this guide, we’re going to tell the same.

Progressive Web Apps – Mobile App to Your Website

From the fast speed to the availability of offline access to mobile apps, there are plenty of features that users enjoy using mobile apps over websites. No wonder, research shows 80% of users’ overall time with gadgets being spent on mobile apps. The PWA design improves the browsing experience by availing native-like experience on all devices with Progressive Web Apps opening web pages and websites while appearing like a mobile app!

You can contact any comprehensive provider of web application development services to implement PWA on your website. Models of PWA can be found in the web apps of Alibaba, Twitter, Forbes, and Virgin America, The Washington Post, and others.

Welcome to accelerating conversions and less load time with technologies like angular, React, and Polymer at play. It is also absolutely possible to turn ready-made websites into PWA!

AMP Pages – Fast Loading of Mobile Pages

Since Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages in 2015, it has drastically improved mobile browsing. This technology allows opening speedy pages, cutting load time across all devices. With AMP, you can expect a webpage to turn up completely in a matter of two seconds, whereas non-AMP regular websites may take 22 seconds or more for loading.

For website builders, it’s a proper development service to invest in, ensuring more user engagement. As a result, you will get improved search engine ranking! An AMP HTML format open-source framework works great for implementing the AMP technology.

AI and Bots – Through and Through User Assistance

Today, instant client support is expected in every business. Since the nature of services has become more and more, global-scale businesses across continents now have to cater to a 24×7 model where enquires can pop in any time of the day.

While customer service can get unnecessarily costly, chatbots are uncomplicated and cost-effective for businesses. Machine learning and AI is highly sophisticated in 2019 chatbots, capable of providing quick responses, perform cognitive functions by seeing, learning, and analyzing data, solve mathematical problems, and even understand emotions!

Important service providers like Microsoft, Amazon, and various other e-shopping sites have optimized user engagement with a host of chatbots and AI interface. The technologies to enlist are Facebook Bot engine, Bot Framework by Microsoft, and Dialog Flow.

Voice Search – Optimization for Organic Searches

One of the most noteworthy trends followed by web application development services in 2019 is the voice search feature. It enhances the organic search impact. This feature is predicted to be surpassing typed-in searches by 2020, thanks to smart speakers enabled with advanced voice recognition.

Though decision-makers need to explore this trend that is garnering huge popularity, your SEO strategies will need to incorporate voice-search very soon to get a better reach.

Motion UI – Dynamic Graphics for Interactive Web Design

A site’s conversion rate is predicted to go up twice with dynamic Motion UI graphics. User engagement multiplies with the incorporation of animated charts, background graphics, and attractive layouts in Motion UI.

Creative web development is made easy with the availability of vast design catalogs at Motion UI libraries.

In Conclusion

These trends from 2019 are going to get even more stylish with enhanced user-friendliness and sensible functionality in the coming years. You can find all the web application development services at Saigon Technology, an offshore software development company. We have a team of highly qualified and talented professionals. To stay updated on all things related to web development, check out our homepage and partner up and grow with the best team!

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