5 Top Pandemic-Urged Courses To Take In Dubai

COVID-19 came, lingered, and thumped various industries. It handed over the harshest lessons to every entrepreneur who isn’t well-prepared. Surprisingly, the answer to a disaster-proof business is education. Thus, the pandemic spurred a range of courses, particularly those that students can take online.

For college students, the best answer to achieving their career goals is through the right courses. There is no doubt that there are no easy courses in college as every field of learning requires hard work, skill, and passion for achieving. Despite the repercussions in 2020, there are several high-demand professions in the UAE. Surprisingly, certain fields are constantly growing and expanding, necessitating the recruitment of skilled professionals. There are a plethora of employment possibilities and occupations available to you.

While you must pursue a degree in which you are interested and envision yourself in a relevant field, it is also beneficial to know what degrees are in high demand. After you graduate, your chances of getting a job increase.

Medicine and Healthcare

Since healthcare is one of the fastest expanding industries, health courses offer great graduate employability rates as they are in high demand. As individuals live longer lives, more and more people require care and assistance, so you can be assured that your expertise and skills will be in high demand once you graduate. People who major in Health Science have the chance to work in various settings, including hospitals, doctor’s offices, rehabilitation clinics, in-home care, and so on. By 2026, the profession is anticipated to grow by 20%, and income improves significantly with schooling.


The typical commencing wage for several engineering specialties is in the six figures, so it is not only an excellent field in terms of rich compensation, but it also offers excellent job stability. While most new employment comes from the electrical, mechanical, and industrial sectors, the study predicts that engineering will gain around 130,000 new positions between now and 2026.

Moreover, as the world tries to convert its establishments to pandemic-proof places, experts see a surge in demand for engineers in the coming years.

Global Business Course

Following the trend, especially for those looking to study online, a degree in Business Administration is in great demand. Furthermore, an immense understanding of how economic, social, and political circumstances affect the global market.

Degrees for Global Business are well-rounded. They prepare students for various jobs and with an excellent perception of why closed border policies don’t work, as revealed by the COVID-19 onslaught. Depending on the sort of profession you choose, you can start with an associate’s degree in entry-level or sales positions and advance while you pursue a bachelor’s and master’s degree.


There is a strong demand for and present lack of educators throughout the world. Whether you study education online or on a traditional campus, you can help to shape the educational landscape and prepare the future generation for success.

To teach in a face-to-face or virtual classroom, certain jurisdictions and nations require certification and license. However, a bachelor’s degree is typically a suitable starting point to become a teacher. If you want to work in administration or as a professor, you’ll need to complete your Master of Education degree. While money is unlikely to motivate you to pursue a career in education, you will know that you are making a difference, which is a valuable reward.

The swell in the number of online education options begs for more educators to join. As virtual learning continues to gain popularity, expect that this sector will boom soon.

Interior Design

With changing lifestyles and rapid urbanization, the scope of interior design has expanded substantially, making it one of the in-demand courses in Dubai today. The COVID-19 events also called for a massive overhaul of the built industry. Thus, establishments would require the services of architects and interior designers.

Moreover, the industry trend shows a significant increase in the need for interior designers. They create efficient, safe, and beautiful interior environments by evaluating space needs and selecting ornamental things such as colors, lighting, and materials.

Interior designers must interpret blueprints and be familiar with construction rules, inspection laws, and universal accessibility standards. Today’s challenge would be re-thinking structures to accommodate social distancing requirements. A bachelor’s degree and coursework in interior design, sketching, and computer-aided design are generally necessary to become an interior designer. Interior design courses in Dubai offer virtual studios, so you can expand your knowledge and eventually acquire your college diploma while at home.


Consider professions and subjects that interest you while deciding what to study for a course. Genuine enthusiasm and curiosity are the best indicators of success. Still, it is also prudent to evaluate the sectors that are seeing the most development and will provide the best opportunities for you to establish your career.

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