6 Effective Ways to Boost Productivity in Office

Don’t you wish to finish your workday feeling like you’ve accomplished everything on your list? Obviously, you do. That is why we have listed six different and effective ways to help you multiply your productivity with little to no effort.

Starting from your previous night preparations to managing your office day’s tasks, once you get hold of these tricks, you can take charge of your working days with productive kickstarts!

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin!

1. Sleep. Sleep & Sleep

A lot of people have admitted that they tend to sleep during their working hours. And why wouldn’t they? They have to deal with so much responsibility at the office and their home as well.

Lack of proper sleep or disturbed sleep cycle causes a very negative impact on your productivity. In fact, sleep deprivation can also lead to decreased concentration and working memory. It only takes one night to disturb your whole sleep schedule, and it can take weeks or even months for you to bring it back on track again.

So, if you are an adult of age between 26 to 64 you should take seven to nine hours of straight sleep. Remember, a productive day starts with a complete rest at night; so, make sure you hit the bed early tonight!

2. Use Affirmations

Affirmations also go a long way for people looking to boost their productivity. Plus, they also help you adopt a positive attitude towards life.

So next time you hit your bed, don’t forget to speak and hear yourself saying the lines “I am grateful for this productive day, tomorrow I will make it even more productive”. The next morning say, “I am so grateful for this beautiful day and my livelihood. I will make this day another productive day of my life!” Trust me, these simple affirmations work magic!

3. Chop your to-do list

No doubt that to-do lists come in really handy, it helps you organize your tasks and make you focused on your goals for the day. But for getting focused you need to restrict your options. You cannot finish all of the thirty tasks that you have mentioned on your typical to-do list. To join the ranks of productivity-superstar you need to cut off some of your tasks even before starting them.

So, each night before making your worklist just ask three simple questions from yourself:

(i) Are the tasks mentioned on your list really important?

(ii) What is the reason you assign the task for this particular day?

(iii) And how many of the mentioned tasks are you really going to carry out?

4. Be Optimistic

Your productivity is directly related to your current emotional state. When you are happy from within, you will be able to concentrate better and carry out tasks with greater efficiency.

If you are not an optimistic person by nature, you need to adopt a lifestyle that promotes positivity and growth. A lot of experiments and studies have concluded that optimism brings you satisfaction and you tend to be more productive.

So instead of panicking at your workplace, maintain a positive aura in your response and behavior during work.

5. Eliminate distractions

Removing distractions for increased focus is a point that we all agree to. If you really wish to strike-off your to-do list on time, you need to be fully concentrated on your tasks rather than checking your social media every minute.

Getting rid of distractions is the only key to stay focused. So just turn off the notifications for your mails and all of your social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and get back to work.

If you feel sleepy, do not hesitate to reach out to coffee machines to bring back your focus and energy!

6. Stop multitasking

To have enhanced productivity you need to be concentrated on a single work at a time. If you continuously switch your tasks, you won’t be able to complete even one.

So, don’t try to do everything at once; remember, you are human not a machine. Whenever you feel like your mind is getting attracted to some other tasks, refresh yourself, do some physical activity, and then get back and continue from where you left.

Over to you…

Wasn’t it fun to read these tips? If you believe my words, you are actually going to enjoy adapting to these daily life tricks thereby outperforming your tasks at the office!

The starting days can feel a little off but don’t let that stop you from trying. You would certainly achieve a lot in the long run!

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