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6 Study Apps That Prove to Be a Saving Grace for Learners

With each year, the comfort of humans improves because of new technologies. It’s stunning to see how different everything is compared to what the world was even a few decades ago. The education system isn’t an exception.

With last year’s events causing all students to go online, the amount of platforms and services available has risen dramatically.

This goes for everything, from online courses, calculators, and language teaching apps to essay writing platforms. No wonder many students use countless services to cope with all the cores, essays especially. There are also related entities where you can find credible EssayPro reviews and check customer’s feedback in order to make an informed choice.

Indeed, now you have countless sites and apps to use. But which ones are the most relevant and comfortable to use? Search no more, as we made a list of the six best educational apps for you!


Mathematical problems can be very tedious and time-consuming. Students often get confused halfway due to large fractions and the whole Latin alphabet in a single line. Also, even if one manages to solve a task, the result can prove incorrect. That causes a huge pain of having to re-do everything from the very beginning.

PhotoMath offers an ideal solution. Just upload the photo of the problem into the app or simply point the camera at it. This app will do all the calculations itself.

But what is the result worth if you don’t understand how to achieve it? Right, that’s why PhotoMath provides you with a complete detailed solution, step by step.


Basically, Udemy is a platform that offers students an opportunity to learn any subject they can come up with – from calculus to nuclear engineering. Being one of the most popular services of its kind, Udemy has a pretty decent library of 130000+ video tutorials and courses.

But it doesn’t limit itself to providing video lessons. Each student can set up a schedule for themselves. They can learn at a comfortable pace.

If one has questions on the topic, it’s possible to contact other students within the same course. Or you may turn to an instructor who’ll help you clear any doubts and problems. Pretty useful, right?


Language is the way of communication. That’s why almost all students strive to know at least some foreign one. The benefits of speaking more than one language are numerous.

But it’s not an easy task to perfect the native one, not even talking about foreign. Duolingo can help you with both. You can start learning any language from scratch or improve the existing knowledge.

It is a well-known language teaching application. And there is one huge difference from competitors. The signature feature of Duolingo is the way it teaches you.

It uses interactive techniques like games to keep you interested and challenged through the process. Needless to say, the list of available languages is pretty impressive:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • And more than 20 others

What is even better, Duolingo collects the data and analyzes it to come up with personalized schedules and interesting insights. You even gain XP points, like in a video game. They’re used to open new levels and interactive stories.

Talking about personalization, one can also set certain daily goals, making it almost impossible to “forget” about studying a language.


Everyone knows about such education facilities as Harvard, Oxford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Definitely, not all can afford to enter them. Though edX can’t push you through the selection committee of these top institutions, it offers something better!

This app takes the courses from all of the best colleges and universities around the world, combines them, and puts them into your phone. Pretty impressive, right?

The names of these facilities speak for themselves, leaving you without a single doubt about the quality and usefulness of the online courses. One can attend online classes, watch video lectures, and even take on quizzes and exams.


While receiving knowledge is important, one can easily forget about certain aspects or whole subjects. Also, sometimes you don’t even know about the weak points. That’s why it’s crucial to test yourself from time to time. This is a sure way of revealing the weaknesses and mistakes that need to be worked on.

Quizlet can be of good use in this case. The application offers students everything they might need to ensure the quality of their knowledge. It includes many different techniques to provide information, help memorize it, and then test it. The top five main features are:

  • Write;
  • Match;
  • Test;
  • Flashcards.

While 4 of them are pretty obvious and need no further explanation, flashcards are sort of a unique feature of Quizlet. They use the active recall technique to ensure you memorize every tiny detail of a given subject.

Khan Academy

As you could possibly guess from its name, this one is an online academy. The goal is to provide the best education online for free. Khan Academy has a reputation of a top-class educational app with prominent professionals as teachers.

The lectures are held in the commonly used video format. However, visual representation on the subject is drawn on the blackboard – just like in the times of lecture classes with 100 students in a room.

The narrator explains the topic using the drawings on the virtual blackboard. It’s even possible to use Khan Academy to prepare yourself for international standardized tests (SAT, LSAT, and so on)

Final Words

Technological progress never stops, improving the quality of our lives each day. But keeping up with it is crucial too, especially in the education system.

The easier it is for a student to understand the subject while learning, the better they will perform while using the knowledge practically. Keep working on yourself and don’t forget to use all the new tech features!

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