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6 Tips to Master Technological Social Media

Without a doubt, social networks have changed our lives, and will continue to do so, there are few people who conceive of normal life without networks, without giving a “click”, either to find something or simply to make a video call. It’s that simple, you can’t ignore them, knowing that there are more than 2 billion people who use social networks in the world, how is it that companies are not going to be in them?

There are endless media and technologies capable of boosting businesses that want to take the path of the digital world. Social networks are essential for a business that wants to follow the path of digitalization. Social networks can be used to generate a space for participation and interaction with the target audience.

Tips for moving in social media like a fish in water

  1. Create an attractive profile on networks
  2. Attract your customers with videos
  3. Generate quality content for your leads
  4. Optimize your presence in social networks
  5. Try to satisfy your potential customers
  6. Analyse and repeat what works

The expectations of companies that remain stuck in unidirectional communication can be low, affecting their ROI. Disregarding networks is like not being online, and if you are not in networks, you practically do not exist! Social networks are like an added value service for your customers – users and an indispensable element in any digital marketing strategy.

Do not think twice, jump, browse and get the most out of social networks, here are 6 recommendations for your technology company to be a little fish online.

  1. Create an attractive profile on networks

Your leads, your potential customers, visit hundreds of pages a week and social media bots profile should capture your attention, seduce, and, how to stand out among all the others to increase the visibility of our brand? We must create a visual image (photo or video) that captures the attention and above all that excites the followers. There is the place where you can buy facebook page likes and grow your audience. It must be attractive enough to get a “like”, do not be afraid to be creative and innovative.

  1. Attract your customers-users with videos

In many sectors, video marketing has become the key factor in attracting potential customers, and the technology industry is no exception. The videos humanize companies. Marketing videos not only serve to close sales, they are also useful to give your customers greater confidence.

The success of your video marketing strategy will be complete if your customers buy you again and manage to build a solid relationship with them.

According to statistics we remember 90% of an explanatory video versus 10% of a written text. The images convey emotions that generate an immediate reaction, so the video is the preferred content format of the users. So seriously consider making your first video in order to spread your product and service, and generate more interaction with your potential audience. Remember that one of the main strategies of social media bots is to improve the image of the brand and the notoriety of the company, and for this a good element is to make viral videos that are distributed on social platforms such as YouTube.

These are some of the reasons that make a video a successful marketing strategy in social networks:

  • It is what users want
  • The video is highly effective.
  • Uncheck you from your competition
  • Help improve SEO
  • There are more than 8 billion views per year on Facebook


  1. Generate quality content for your leads

The generation of databases of potential customers is one of the most profitable business tactics in the long term, since it allows us to open a communication channel for promotions with people interested in our product. This allows us to send direct and personal communications through email marketing campaigns, so social networks and lead generation must go hand in hand.

That is why the creation of quality content is the safest way to establish and maintain lasting business relationships, taking into account that in the area of technology information demands high consumption.

A potential client will be more attracted to a text on the Internet that resolves some doubt than a banner or an advertisement in a newspaper. With your content you can redirect your leads to your website and make yourself known. Use this powerful speaker and make yourself heard. Users of technology companies are looking for answers that help them silence all their concerns, solutions to solve their problems.

You can also make a help page using landings, these landings usually work with flashy headlines, bright colours and appealing to the client’s sense of urgency.

  1. Optimize your presence in social networks

To optimize your social networks, start by developing optimized content for your blogs, videos, online stores and other projects, without optimized content, search engine visibility will not have the expected success.

Encourage users to share your content, so that they become viral on different networks. Your website, if possible, should cease to be static, nor should it be used only as an online information brochure, and should be linked to social networks and to it, or to a blog, videos or other social networks Linkedin Automation tool.

  1. Try to satisfy your potential customers

The client-user is the backbone of your company, it is the first and the last, know it, analyze it and satisfy it, consider the possibility of carrying out a strategy to seduce you, such as a contest, a raffle, prize or gift.

The B2B model may not be the most suitable for these types of campaigns, but nobody better than you know if these techniques fit with your potential clients. Everyone likes to receive a gift; don’t you think? Take your time and think about how you can satisfy your leads.

  1. Analyze and repeat what works

Finally, do not stop working, you must analyse your presence in social networks, measure it carefully and know what works and what does not. What actions on social media bots have generated traffic and which have gone unnoticed. And of course keep track of them daily, never abandon them, always online.


Andrej Fedek is a digital marketer, specializing in Outreach strategies, International SEO and Influencer Marketing. He recently started his own blog and site about digital marketing and social media called IntercoolStudio and BestbotsToday. His passion is to help startups grow and thrive in a competitive environment.

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