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6 Top Reasons to Hire a Google AdWords Expert

Today’s consumers are increasingly dependent on the internet, from entertainment to purchasing goods. In this new business landscape, digital advertising is the key to success. To this end, hiring a Google AdWords expert is your best option.

While it is true that SEO is very effective, it would take months or years before you reap its benefits. Google AdWords will succeed where SEO is lacking. It can also enhance the inherent benefits of SEO. For this reason, Google AdWords is a staple of every successful digital ad campaign.

You Can Reach Your Target Audience Faster

With a well-implemented Google Ad campaign, your ads will appear in the top pages of SERPs every time the user initiates a relevant search in Google. It creates a more direct route between your brand and your target audience.

What is more, these ads usually include images and other elements that make them stand out, so your ad is more likely to grab the user’s attention and earn a click. This will put your products or services in front of your target audience faster. 

You Can Connect with More Online Users

There are several search engines available to online users, but none come close to Google. Since it was first introduced in 1997, it has dominated the search engine market, accounting for over 80% of online searches. This translates to 3.5 billion users every day.

To say that Google’s reach is vast is an understatement. Still, with the tech company’s acquisition of YouTube in 2006, it got even bigger. A Google AdWords expert can help you tap into the limitless opportunity this offers, allowing you to reach 90% of online users all over the world. 

You Can Generate More Quality Leads

Google AdWords connects you with more online users and goes a step further by allowing you to seek out more of your target audience. These are the users who are more likely to buy your products based on their search queries or demographics.

Through keyword targeting, a Google AdWords expert can help you know what terms people use when searching for your products or services. It will give your brand a leg up in terms of online visibility and help generate more high-quality leads.

An AdWords expert can also use consumer behavior, age, and other relevant data to put your ads in front of a high-potential audience. 

A Cost-Efficient Ad Campaign

Google AdWords is Pay-per-Click or PPC, which means that you only have to pay when users actually tap on your ads and visit your website. You are not just paying for your ads to show up on search results, which is already a form of brand exposure by itself. You are paying for people to visit your website and interact with your brand more intimately, giving you more chance to convert them into paying customers. This puts more value into every marketing dollar that you spend in hiring a Google AdWords expert. 

The Power of Google AdWords Remarketing

While every user that lands on your website are a potential customer, not all of them actually end up making a purchase, subscription, or taking any other profitable action, especially on their first visit.

Most people want to do more search and gather additional information before making a decision. Once they leave your website, many things could happen that would make them forget about your brand or choose another.

This is where Google’s remarketing capability comes in. A Google AdWords expert can help you create and serve ads specifically aimed at past visitors, encouraging them to come back and interact with your brand again. Based on their previous visits, you can showcase the products or services they were interested in, increasing your chances of converting them this time.  

You Can Use Analytics to Increase Return on Investment

A Google AdWords expert can help you launch a successful PPC campaign, which will make an immediate impact on your brand’s bottom line. Still, these positive results can be improved or increased over time.

Using advanced analytic tools, a specialist can get a deeper insight into which strategies work best in achieving your unique business goals. Non-performing ads that do not add much value to your campaign could also be identified and tweaked or discontinued altogether.

The longer you run a PPC ad campaign, the more connected you will be to your target audience. You will be updated with what they respond to most and see if there are any emerging trends. Your ads will become more effective in drawing attention from the right people. This will ensure that you get the most out of every marketing dollar you spend.

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