7 Different Types of Coffee Must Drink


Feeling sleepy but lots of pending work to do, the best option is coffee for most of the people in this world. Coffee is one of the most favourite beverages consumed by people in this world. Coffee is prepared from roasted coffee beans extracted from the seeds of coffee berries. What makes coffee taste wonderful is the brown coffee beans from which it is prepared and served to you. Almost 70 countries are producing coffee as the number of consumers is increasing day by day. There are different varieties of coffee around the world which is served to the coffee lovers. However, there are different types of coffees in the world and people have their own choice of coffees.

If you want to have some good taste of coffee then you can taste cortado which is the variation of espresso. The balanced quantity of steamed milk is used for the preparation of this coffee. The cortado was originally invented in Spain and northern Portugal. This drink is very much popular in America as it started its journey from San Francisco and now trending over the whole of America. The smooth silky feeling of the milk will leave you speechless while you are ready to taste cortado. The balanced flavour of cortado is the hallmark and for which this coffee is tasted and appreciated by the users. This coffee is served in a small metal or it is served in a glass cup. If you are a coffee lover then you must know the way how you can enjoy drinking a coffee. The drinkers of cortado know very well that cortado will make them feel pleasant if they will drink it slowly and gradually.

Here is the list of seven different types of coffee that you must taste if you are a coffee lover. These coffees are outstanding and amazing in taste. These are famous around the globe as people love to drink coffee in almost every part of the world.

  1. Espresso


An espresso is a type of coffee that is a drink of choice throughout Europe. This drink is prepared by using seven grams of specifically roasted coffee which is extracted from an espresso machine. The time taken by the machine for the preparation of the espresso is approximately 24 seconds. This is the favourite coffee of European people and Italian guys taste this favourite drink by standing at the café.

  1. Macchiato


Macchiato is another type of coffee that is rich in taste and much similar to espresso. The difference between macchiato and espresso is that of a little bit of foam. The macchiato drink is stained with foam. The term macchiato is derived from the Italian term which means stain. If you re a coffee lover, you must taste this coffee for rich taste and feel.

  1. Cortado


Cortado is another variety of coffee which is known for its mild taste. If you are not satisfied with the taste of macchiato or espresso, then you have a better option in the form of cortado. The term cortado is derived from the Spanish term ‘Cortar’ which means cut. This coffee is prepared with the same amount of steam used in the preparation of other coffee. You can taste this coffee and after that, you will leave by admiring the great taste of this coffee.

  1. Cappuccino


The name is cappuccino is enough for the coffee lovers to bring water in the mouth. This variety of coffee is loved by almost a major portion of people who love to drink coffee. There are collectively three equal parts of this coffee, namely a third espresso, third milk, and a froth. If the cappuccino is frothed appropriately, then a smooth silky texture will appear with all the elements blended perfectly. You can go to taste this coffee and you will feel the heaven as soon as the first sip of coffee will touch your tongue.

  1. Dry cappuccino


A dry cappuccino is a coffee that is preferred by those people who don’t like much milk in their coffee. They prefer dry cappuccino as this coffee contains less amount of milk. While preparing this coffee, a very little amount of warm milk is used but froth or foam in the coffee will b the same as it is supposed to be. People have their different choice and taste and in that category of something different, dry cappuccino comes.

  1. Red-eye


The name red eye is quite interesting and the coffee ‘red eye’ is also very tasty and amazing. If you are taking regular coffee and you are not feeling good or feeling drab to drink the same thing every day, then you can choose red-eye as another choice for coffee. The red-eye will give you an amazing essence as it is a drip coffee that will make you feel like drinking espresso. You can taste this coffee if you are fed up with the taste of coffee you are drinking regularly.

  1. Caffe latte


Caffe latte is another variety of coffee that is slightly different from other types of coffee. The coffee is something different because it is the opposite of cappuccino. The coffee is perfect for those who like more watered and less intense coffee. The coffee is prepared with a lot of warm milk. If we talk about the froth in a latte, then it is a little bit there in the coffee. You can taste this coffee for a change in the course of your regular coffee.

These are the seven different types of coffee in the world which everybody must taste if he is a lover of coffee. They are outstanding and ultimate in taste as the ingredients used in the preparation of this coffee are unique. Coffee is one of the most tasted beverages in the world just because of its taste and quality. It is used by people having a desk job, students, lawyers, and other professional people as it gives instant energy to the body and enhances the body for immediate work and action.

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