7 Proven Link Building Strategies to Quality Backlinks and High Rankings in 2021

In today’s time, where millions of websites are always working on getting their Google rankings to the top, making sure your website ranks there too can become a hefty task. It is nonetheless achievable if you do play your cards right.

Backlinks are a concept that is often neglected. People create unique SEO strategies and keyword generation methodologies but undermine the importance of link building services. As per Google, backlinks are one of their top 3 ranking factors. They play a significant role in improving your website’s reach.

Firstly, let’s understand what backlinks are and how are they important for you.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are the inbound or incoming links from a third-party website to your page. Google analyses these backlinks and votes them based on their authority and credibility. The higher the security of the backlink, the better will be its Google ranking. To ensure that your website is associated with a high-quality backlink, check for the link’s security and the relevancy of the content to your page. These factors are incredibly crucial in deciding your Google ranking.

Backlink outreach will help you build long-term relationships with other brands and create a funnel of referral traffic. That being said, let’s look into 7 unique strategies that will quickly get your website quality backlinks in 2021.

Performing Network Outreach

Network outreach will open up untapped opportunities for your website. You can identify connections who have their own blogs or websites and can host a hyperlink.

Such people will widen your audience reach while providing new opportunities to connect their pre-established brands and leaders. It will also act as a stamp of approval in driving referral traffic. Similarly, you can use podcasts to gain genuine backlinks in 2021. Several podcast directories such as Stitcher, Google, Apple, and Spotify give you the platform to make yourself heard.

But first, segregate the directories based on those who have a higher domain authority than yours and then reach out to them for business inquiries. You can create a few keyword phrases relevant to your business and ensure that your content appears in the search result.

Using Broken Link Strategy

A broken link strategy is one of the easiest and most effective techniques for organic reach. All you need to do is figure out broken links in someone’s websites and suggest them with an alternative.

Simply install the Google extension Check My Links and add the details of the relevant website. Identify the broken link and mail the owner with a good replacement for the same. This technique helps create a strong connection and establish a positive rapport with different business owners. It also helps you boost your SEO rankings.

Capitalsing on Business Listings Websites

Google listings allow you to earn quality backlinks in no time. These listings include various information about your website or brand, such as the name of the business, email address, website, office address, etc. The different platforms prove excellent for your domain security.

You can find a number of business listing websites that have no-follow tags to their link. Such backlinks can prove to be advantageous for your website if it’s related to your niche. Remember, finding relevancy is the key here.

Targeting your Competitors Backlink Sources

Apart from the internal link building, it is also important to know your competition. This is a rule of thumb that everyone abides by. You don’t need to copy your competitors, just be aware of what they are doing and capitalise whenever you see an opening.

Furthermore, when you figure out your competitor’s backlink source, check whether the content associated with it is updated and relevant in today’s time (Mostly it’s not). Create an updated version of the content and high-quality backlinks, then contact your competitor via mail, call, or any other platform. Inform them about the outdated content and pitch them the idea you have created. In return, ask them to backlink the updated content to your website. This technique will help you build a cordial rapport with your competitor and get your SEO ranking up.

Keeping your Content Updated

Creating quality content for your website is essential. However, not keeping it updated and relevant to the latest happenings can create difficulties.

What you need to do is update the information, data, and charts according to the current news and inform the owners of the different websites that have linked your content. It creates transparency and relevancy of your page – increasing your SERP effectively.

Using Email Signatures

Email signatures provide an opportunity for you to backlink your website every time you communicate with someone. This way, you can not only draft a promotional emailer but also market all your other posts and sections too.

According to a report, 47% of the marketers in 2020 plan to send emails more frequently. These emails help in generating traffic, creating new leads, and building trust with the client.

Next time you send someone an email, carefully construct a signature with your website links that subtly blend in with the mail’s context. It makes the receiver aware of your other work without making the marketing technique obvious.

Capitalising on media sources and seasonal content

News outlets are always on the search for quality content. They can pick your content and add a backlink to their website. These outlets generate comparatively higher user traffic than the others and can be beneficial in increasing your SEO ranking. You, too, can reach out to various media outlets and pitch your blog or webpage to them.

Everyone tends to use the search engine a lot during holidays – some searching for DIY techniques, some for buying commodities, some for browsing, and more. You can create a campaign around the same.

Moreover, staying updated with all the special dates on the calendar can help you in building better and relevant content. It also aids in driving more user traffic to the website.


To sum things up, backlinks are an indispensable part of your SEO tactics. The strategies mentioned above are effective and will boost your rankings in the long run. Try and inculcate as many of these as possible to see a positive effect in no time.

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