7 Video Editing Tips You Must Know

If you want to build a presence online these days, you need to be creating a lot of video content. Video is the most engaging content format on networks like Instagram and Facebook. There are also top networks like YouTube where you can only publish videos.

Videos can also be used for direct marketing methods such as video sales letters. But just publishing any video randomly won’t do the trick. In order to get the most out of a video, you need to edit and optimize it for viewing. If your video looks and plays better, more people will watch the whole thing and convert to followers, leads, and sales…

So, here are my top video editing tips…

#1 Don’t try to create and edit at the same time:

Our mind works in two phases. One is the creativity phase and the other is the judgemental phase. This is why when you are creating content you are in a different state of mind. If you get the judgemental part involved at this time, it will hamper the quality of your creative mind.

Therefore, you should keep the creation phase and editing phase separate. Don’t try to create the video and edit it at the same time. Instead, reserve some time for only creating the video and set aside a separate time for editing.

You should follow the same format while brainstorming the videos or writing the script. This will improve your creativity and help you come up with unique ideas and themes.

#2 Be prepared to delete a lot:

If you are generally a creator, then deleting a lot of what you create can be difficult. And you might try to keep a lot of it. This is why you should shift your mindset and be prepared to edit out a lot of your content. It can be hard to do this when you are just starting out, but you will get the hang of it in the future.

If you aren’t unable to delete out your content, you should hire a professional to help you out.

#3 Get a good video editor:

The tools you use for editing your video can make a massive difference in the amount of time it takes to edit the video. It can also affect the quality of the video. So, get yourself a top-quality video editor. If you have a good video editor you will be able to edit more videos in less time. This will give you more time to either create more videos or to promote this video.

And if the video looks good, more people will watch it fully and convert to leads and sales.

#4 Keep the audience in mind:

You also need to keep the audience in mind while editing the video. You need to ask yourself questions like how much of the video will they watch, what is the ideal length, are all the bits necessary, etc.

For example, if you were editing a webinar recording, you will need to think about the audience you are creating it for.

The people who watch the recording will be different from the people who watched the live thing. So, you might need to remove things like the offer you made to the live audience, the live introduction, the Q&A section, etc. As you usually do that for a live audience and people might find it weird to notice that in the recording.

#5 Get rid of disturbances:

A good video editor will also make it easy to get rid of any disturbances in the background. If they are a lot of them they can cause video abandonments and reduce the watch time. So, pay close attention to them and remove them.

#6 Ask for feedback:

Before you publish the video try and get some feedback. You can ask some of your friends or colleagues to help with this. Try to get friends who are a bit more judgemental as they won’t be afraid to point out your mistakes. Another option is to email some of your customers or to hire a video editor to review your video.

If they point out something, make sure you fix it immediately.

#7 Track data:

After you publish your video, track the data to check how well it is doing. You might not be able to use the data to modify the videos you already published, but you can use this to create better videos in the future.


These are my top tips for editing videos for your business. Use them today to create top quality videos that generate views, traffic, shares, and sales.

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