8 Famous Types of Indian Bangles & Their Significance

Bangles are traditional Indian ornaments worn around the wrist and often the sides, similar to bracelets Indian bangles are commonly worn on both hands, in a set of six, twelve etc. Depending on the style of the jewellery and the occasion.

Bangles hold a very important position in Indian culture, particularly for older, married women. These elegant, tinkling objects represent fertility and marital bliss for married ladies. Various designs are worn by young girls from a very young age.

The variations in style depend not only on the region and occasion, but also on the personal style of the wearer. Some women prefer Indian bracelets, which are heavy and intricately made bracelets intended to be worn one for each wrist, as an alternative to a whole set of thin braces.

With fascinating features, they are very delicately fashioned to make them stand out in spite of being worn as single pieces or in pairs.

Read out to find out these 8 Indian bracelet styles to pick your favourite!

1. Kundan Bangles  

Kundan Bangles is an example of fine craftsmanship and beautiful jewellery design. These bangles range from simple monotone gold bands with steel grey diamonds to thick gold kadas in different varieties with beautiful red and green diamonds. They are one of the most contemporary Indian jewelry designs.

Colourful kundan bangles are a more common alternative across the Gujarat Rajasthan belt. If you’re trying to grab everyone’s attention, very literally, then these fun bangles should be your top pick.

2. Hyderabadi Bangles

Nature inspired designs with geometric patterns and colours that shine and glitter. This is the essence of Hyderabad bracelets. Floral patterns and white pearls are trademarks of this style. These bracelets will make your contrasting outfit the perfect pair if you’re all about glitter & shine!

3. Punjabi Bangles

They know how great an experience it is for everybody who’s ever been to a Punjabi wedding. Punjabis have a passion for life, and this is expressed in their intricate and rich ‘chooras/chudas’ and ‘Kaliras’ nuptials, which are a major cultural significance.

Kaliras are umbrella-shaped hangings that are linked to the bangles or chuda of Punjabi, signifying the couple’s eternal love and happiness. Nearly every bride on her wedding day is seen wearing these.

While you can’t integrate Kaliras into your daily life, you can always donate to the next wedding you’re attending on the simple red bangles and white choora, or latkan bangles along with a salwar kameez.

4. Rajput Bangles

The word Rajput literally means ‘royal’ and hence, other rajputi jewellery has a rich, traditional and comprehensive makeup of Rajputi bangles. This also involves the ‘hathphool’ with a chain and ring attached to it, which is a bangle bracelet which extends all the way to the ring finger around the back of the neck.

There is also the gold embossed ivory chooda, which is important for every woman to wear right after their wedding for a few days.

5. Rajputi or Rajhistani Bangles

Modern variants of the style of Rajputi bangles or ‘hathphool’ can be easily found and combined with a dressy long skirt and top outfit. The Jaipur bangles that come in floral as well as geometric designs are another rendition of Rajasthani bangles.

One can see a number of colours and sizes that are commonly available in Jaipur’s local markets. Lakh bangles made of lac are highly common among women in Rajasthan. They are highly sought after, particularly as the pink city is home to the best lac bangles at reasonable rates for tourists visiting Jaipur.

6. Modern Bangles

In various designs, Lac hand bangles are made, the most common being the ones with mirror work. It is a favourite among many because of the brightness and antique nature of the architecture. Lac bangles are extremely flexible and can be worn with a lot of denims and kurtis as well as ethnic wear outfits.

It is a favourite among many because of the brightness and antique nature of the architecture. Lac bangles are highly flexible and can be worn with a lot of ethnic wear outfits as well as with denims and kurtis.

7. Bangoli Bangles

Bangles are an essential part of Bengali culture and without at least one bangle in her hand, one can never see a married Bengali woman. For every stage of the life of a Bengali woman, there is a bangle.

However, there are two primary kinds of Bengali bangles, namely Sankha-Pola and Beauty. In the life of a married woman, both of these are equally significant.

8. Pola Bangles

Pola bangles, also known as Sankha-Pola, are a mixture of white and red bangles forcefully worn in the Bengali community by married women. Saankha are white conch-shell bangles and red corals are made of Pola.

These mean that a woman is married and should be worn throughout her married life. Generally combined with a Bengali-style white and red saree, but can be worn with many other outfits.

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