8 Tips for Creating Great Visual Content on Social Media

Human beings do perceive information better when it is visual. Books with pictures were way more praised in comparison with those the “just-text” ones. This was true when we were kids. However, now, apparently, little has changed; books transformed into news feeds though. Employing visual content on social media platforms for promoting business is a proven strategy to enhance reach and expand the network. Marketing products or services through appealing graphic elements is a bright plan: your business accounts are not boring ( yes, it is critical for friendly perception) and brand recognition is enhanced. Let’s have a look at what is beneficial to implement on your social media accounts, visual-wise, now.

Showcase your brand identity

When deciding on any visual content to be published, that is supposed to perform a marketing function, always think about your brand representation. Videos, photos, animations, infographics must be optimized and bear either the same color palette, that aligns with the colors of your product packaging, logo of your services, or fonts of the text added. The idea is that you have to be recognized through your visual presence. Any template and filter chosen should resonate with how you placed your brand on the market ( straight, serious lines with dark cold colors, or maybe delicate pastel colors with blurred lines are telling your story).

Embrace graphic design apps

Graphic design apps have been generously developed for your graphic needs. It works particularly well when your graphic design is not your primary field of expertise. With all the features available (create a logo, add music, animate texts, business card maker, invoice maker, infographics maker, etc.) you become an indisputable expert of visual content creation. You can resize designs to satisfy the needs of a particular platform, play with color combinations and filters applied, make frames, add motion, and many more other options for your identity to be preserved and perceived well in the space assigned.

One size doesn’t …

Speaking about social media platforms a marketer should know about its preferences, graphic content-wise. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn demand different visuals, in terms of audience hanging there. Do thorough research, and see what works on one platform, and what makes more sense on the other. Though, as we have mentioned before, your brand should be interpreted through visual content, you must carry on your identity and correspond to the platform’s will. LinkedIn will appreciate infographics. Instagram audiences will value stories more.

Keep up with trends

Social media updates almost daily. New things appear due to the audience’s desires and for the sake of higher engagement. The task for your marketing soul is to be in trend and accommodate your visual information up to the stream. You save the message, but wrap it up, the way it will be willingly unfolded and learned about. Stories keep remaining to be a priority content in Instagram and AR filters gain popularity. Put it together and see how it works for your brand. Flavor with some humor. It is always trendy.

Be considerate with text

There is a chance that it may not be totally possible to communicate the mission of your brand solely through visual elements. In that case, you might consider text added. Other than that try to transmit the message through intricate choice of photos, motions, and charts. Your website appreciates text ( though blog posts also shift to more visual representation). Social media needs things to look at first, and only then some letters ( of course, you will not invite people to your seminar just simply showing a picture of you nicely smiling).

Lean on your audience

Target audience is a key factor for your business to grow and be on the move. Yes, brand recognition is crucial ( how else will your audience expand?), trends are vital, but your audience matters as well. Your analytics signals about the engagement and the activity on your page. Which means you know exactly what is digested better. Aligning with the knowledge achieved you build your visual content strategy. It is tricky to patch all things up, however, quite doable.

Aspire for unique visuals

Stock images are not evil, so that excludes them from the strategic list. However, it is still quite required to have unique, genuine visuals. Either you will be the one to mind natural light, contrasting colors, and angle of working side…or you may hire a professional to equip you with a decent authentic collection of your brand pictures. Eventually, you will apply them to any planned format of visual media content.

Do not overdo

Keep it simple and do not push all the design buttons at once for the “wow” effect. Overediting may create an opposite experience.


Though it is not just about posting a beautiful picture, or funny meme and does require certain rules to be followed, visual communication of who you are and what you do provokes more solid responses, conversions-wise. Social media platforms offer quite a favorable environment for graphic content to be distributed to satisfy your marketing needs. Just make sure to benefit from it with the right eye-candy stuff.

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