9 Most Economy Cars in Dubai

Dubai is a popular and rich emirate of the United Arab Emirates. This city is visited by tourists and visitors throughout the year from all over the world. It is one of the famous business hubs across the globe and many businessmen have established their business in the city. They have their extravagant lifestyle and luxury cars as Dubai is also the land of one of the biggest automotive markets in the UAE. You will certainly find a wide range of vehicles with the latest technology and updated features.

However, tourists and visitors in the city of gold drive a rental car that is hired from any car rental company of the city. Being a tourist, if their budgets do not have much space, they prefer to rent an economy car. Because touring in and around the city in luxurious cars, especially when you are with family can be an expensive matter for you. It is always advisable for you to use a rental car in Dubai when you are traveling to Dubai along with your family. They give you many options like economy cars that will be budget-friendly for you and also give you some other benefits.

Here is the list of some of the most famous economy cars in Dubai. You can Rent a car Dubai to enjoy drive-in luxurious cars.

Nissan Micra 2021

 It is a five-seater automatic transmission hatchback car that is fit for family use. Nissan Micra has a cruise control system and a multi-function steering wheel that adds a comfort level to your driving. It is a Japanese Supermini car that comes with a 1.5 L engine and a fuel economy of just over 16 km per liter. It also has an advanced navigation system that makes it more suitable for a family drive. This model will be a testament to the quality and features if you are looking for budget-friendly car options in Dubai.

Toyota Yaris

It is a hatchback and comfortable sedan car that is Dubai’s favorite in terms of economy class. Toyota Yaris has ranked as one of the best smallest cars in the United Arab Emirates. It can clock around 14 km for every liter of petrol consumed, the same as the other Japanese counterparts. Although new models have been introduced in the marketplace, the Yaris hatchback 2012 is still on the top in the market as a comfortable car. Yaris is a five-seater car of two-wheel drive with an air filter, radiators, and air conditioners.

Ford Figo

There is another addition of five-seater cars to this list with the Ford Figo that is adding features and value to the small-built cars of 2020. It is an economy car with a 1.6 L engine that drives over an impressive 15 km for a single liter of petrol being used. Moreover, it is an automatic transmission vehicle that is known for its fuel-efficient drive. Ford Figo is a basic car that is extremely fit for the regular use of family, as it is very affordable and has great efficiency.

Hyundai Grand i10

It is a basic hatchback car with two-wheel drive and automatic transmission. Hyundai has a mileage of just under 20 km for a liter of petrol being consumed. It is a family car with seating of five, having 1.2 Liters GL engine. This car is also famous for its fuel-efficient ride. It also has some other amazon features like reversing camera, navigation system, parking sensors, and power steering. Hyundai i10 has GCC specifications that are suited for the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, this car is also known for its new stylish cabin in the model of 2020.

Chevrolet Spark 2020

The Chevrolet Spark 2020 is a must add to the list of economy cars. This car comes in the market with an amazing and attractive exterior built, unlike many other five-seater hatchbacks. Basically, it is an American-built car but it has a huge demand in Dubai and the entire United Arab Emirates. It is a good pocket car as its price ranges are very reasonable. It comes with a front-wheel-drive layout along with an automatic transmission too. It can easily accommodate 4 people in it on the passenger’s seats.

Kia Picanto 2021

This vehicle is also a fuel-efficient hatchback model of 2020 that is raging the Dubai market because of its stylish exterior, multi-functioning steering, and comfort built up. Kia Picanto may look like a mini car but it is truly deemed to have a spacious interior. The specifications of this car are made especially for the Gulf region, again making it top the ranks in the United Arab Emirates. It is a two-wheel-drive car with automatic transmission. Moreover, it is a pretty fuel-efficient car and your family will not feel sophisticated when sitting inside the Kia Picanto.

Suzuki Celerio

This car has made space for our lists because of its economic aspects. Suzuki Celerio is fuel efficient and a five-seater hatchback having a 988 CC engine. It also has an automatic transmission that has been added as a comfort feature. Suzuki comes with an automatic climate control system that serves you as a luxury feature in such an economical car. It stands best as a family car and fits very well for regular use. Its cabin is very roomy having enough space and its interior is very premium.

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Summing Up

Here are some of the best economy cars in Dubai. If you are planning your trip to Dubai and your budget is also tight then you should consider the option of the above-mentioned cars. All of these are affordable and have enough space for a family or a group of 5-6 members with excellent exteriors.

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