9 Tips for Surviving a Boring College Class


Have you ever caught yourself dozing off while your professor rambled on about a boring topic? Do you find one subject so boring that you struggle to sit through an hour-long lecture? Boring classes are part and parcel of college.

You might find a class boring because you are tired, distracted, or uninterested. Sometimes, the subject is truly boring, and some professors might admit it. However, paying attention and grasping what you can is the only solution.

How can you get your mind to stop wandering off during such a class? How can you make sure your boredom does not result in a failed grade? Below are 9 great strategies for surviving a boring class and getting a good grade.

Prepare Your Body for a Boring Class

Any class can get agonizingly boring if your body is not in its best state. Before class, make sure that your body gets adequate rest. Sleep early enough, depending on what time you need to get up.

Start your day with some exercise, take a refreshing shower, and have a healthy breakfast. Having our body at peak performance increases your concentration level. You will be more alert and focused.

Review the Lesson Beforehand

You will find the class engaging if you hear things that make sense. If your professor assigns reading material to prepare you for your class, make sure you read it. Find out what the class will be about so that you understand easily and feel more engaged.

Reading ahead gives a sense of familiarity. Instead of zoning out because all you can hear is jargon, you will be excited to relate to almost everything you hear.

Prepare Engaging Questions to Ask


While reviewing the course material, note down a few questions that come up. Write down what you are struggling to understand. Supplement the material with some of your research that improves your understanding

Asking questions during the class keeps you alert. It allows your professor to break down difficult concepts. You are more likely to remember the answers to questions you asked than the lecture itself.

Come to Class With The Right Mentality

Your mind is the greatest tool you have. Changing your mindset is a great way to deal with a boring class. When you brace yourself for the boredom, you find ways to cope with it.

Change the way you think about the class. Realize that the class is important and that you need that knowledge in your career. A positive attitude sets the tone for an exciting class.

Sit Next to Someone Who Enjoys the Class

Sitting next to an enthusiastic classmate motivates you to pay attention. Because he or she is constantly asking questions and taking notes, you will pay more attention. It is impossible to doze off next to someone who is asking questions every few minutes.

Have a Cold Beverage

Whenever you feel your mind drifting away, take a sip of cold water. Cold beverages make people alert. If your class is in a hot summer month, having a drink will refresh you and bring your mind back to class.


Take Notes

When you focus on what your professor is saying, you will identify certain points of emphasis. These subtle hints are important, even if you buy essay from a writing service. They show what your professor wants to see in your paper.

Taking notes during a lecture is a great way to memorize. It helps to highlight important points for review. It also keeps your attention focused and stops your mind from wandering. If you have a habit of doodling, use that energy to take notes instead.

Avoid Social Media During Class

If you are using a laptop during class, stay away from social media. Some time management apps will lock you out of social media for some time until you are done with class. Use these apps to enhance your concentration in class. Watching funny cat videos during a class, no matter how boring it is, is a guaranteed route to failure.

Go to the Bathroom for a Short Break

Take a short bathroom break to reenergize. Getting up and walking to and fro the bathroom will eliminate traces of sleep and mental fatigue. While at it, relieve yourself to make sure you are comfortable enough to concentrate.


Although some classes are boring, you have no option but to pay attention. It is the only way to get a good grade. Prepare for the class, minimize distractions, have a positive attitude, and engage the professor. When your body and mind are at ease, you are attentive.

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