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Andrew Keene Review: Is project 303 legit?

The Andrew Keene extra income project is the popular circular today. Everyone is yearning to learn more information about the fast making money project. It seems like the best idea since the volatile situation (Covid-19 pandemic times). With some investment analysis searching for how to make money in the stock market during this challenging economic times.  Andrew Keene however, comes with a brilliant idea of the project 303 (extra income project).  Though new to all of us and not sure how it will solve the current money situation.  Keene claims to have used and succeeded in the plan back in 2008 during a global financial crisis. A plan I and we hope it will save users from the Coronavirus economic strain.

In this review, I take you through project 303 (extra income project) and uncover some of Andrew’s plans for his loyal followers in project 303 newsletters.

What is project 303?

Extra income project by Andrew is a presentation on T.V. financial investments experts 30 minutes, 3 days a week.  The program is a feature on a live broadcast for three days taking 30 minutes or each session.  The project is based on making some dollars as your extra income each week.

Andrew intends to help people create cash now as he did in 2008. The strategy is meant to work when the economy is down, and most people can’t make enough.  The plan has gain people’s attention as he only needs you to concentrate for 30 minutes for three days every week to implement the plan.

He also states that the plan works for anybody and doesn’t require special skills. It also doesn’t just apply for experienced traders, but anyone confident about the project. Let’s see whether his plans are convincing.

Why Keene Trades options

First, Keene doesn’t recommend bonds, cryptocurrencies, short stocking, gold or futures.  The smart guy deals with options, believing their upside is more significant than that of stocks.  He also states that options make more money even when stocks fall in value.  Since we need money, the ‘option’ happens to be the perfect match for the situation.  They are not expensive and excellent for individual investors.  The options trade is a short-term investment plan which helps minimize the risk.

How Andrew Keene identifies his trades

The strategy’s success is based on the insider’s trade. He can trace how they trade since they have more valuable information. Andrew says insider’s trading is prevalent even on Wall Street giving people an involved massive. He calls it an unfair advantage, now how does he monitor the activity?

Andrew grand plan is monitored using the S.C.A.N. tool an acronym meaning:

  • Spot to tell: learn the strange patterns which show significant insider activity.
  • Confirm every signal: once you notice the pattern ensure they are not to get the wrong lead.
  • Automate and execute: now act fast to make the recommendation work.
  • Net worth boosted: he goes ahead to give you an alert when you should close a particular position.

The plan looks logical, and Andrew paid half a million dollar to create and establish the program. The extra income project helps Andrew trade like an insider though legally.  What he does is, if the gets strings of trades that are identical, large and showing within minutes of each other. Suppose they are from the same company then it sounds the alarm.  He will identify the opportunity and use it to earn considerable returns in his investments.

Andrew Keene

The brilliant idea and strategy have already earned Andrew $5 million in two years. He is a professional trader and expert in options trading. He takes the opportunity to teach other followers on how to make money where there are slim chances. He started as a clerk but later promoted to a floor trader.

The project 303 has a subscription fee which is worth as you will gain more from the project. For the first 500 new subscribers, the cost is $129 from the regular price of $600.  Followers are guaranteed refund policy. If you happen to cancel within 60 days, you’re given a full refund. Again if by the end of the one-year subscription you don t have double your investment (25 times your investments) you’re also entitled to a full refund of the subscription fee.  These make the site very legit as you can make money whether the market is downturned.

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