Android vs. IOS Comparison: How to Choose the Best Platform?

Android vs. IOS Comparison

Are you looking forward to purchasing a new phone and cannot decide between the two? Well, we want to clear all your worries and confusion. In this article, we shall explain the difference between the products.

Stay tuned to know, which according to us the better of the two is!

Benefits of Android:

You can avail of the best android phone at a lesser price. Other advantages an android device shares over an iPhone are:

  • Customization: Android lets you customize the application as per the user’s requirement. You can set your own choice of live wallpapers, to the extent of customizable ROM installations.
  • Ease of accessing the widgets: Do you wish to have access to the music application at the tip of your finger? It is possible in Android. It offers you widgets that you can access right from your home screen.
  • Not Just PlayStore: Providing an open system for the download of the various applications, android offer great freedom to users. You can install applications from different sources and not only from PlayStore.
  • Adaptability and NFC: The creation of applications for a developer is simpler over the Android terminal. The NFC support in Android is not present in IOS devices.

Benefits of IOS:

  • Excellent hardware: iOS is a premium device for the higher strata of society. The hardware used is of premium quality, with more durability and excellent performance.
  • Excellent security: The security provided by the iOS is not at the same level to that of an Android devices. No need to worry about snooping by the external applications. Using the Touch ID, your data is safe in iOS devices.
  • Quick updates: iOS gives you the experience to be the first one to experience the software updates and application releases.
  • Say goodbye to lag: No more lag! Say goodbye to lag with the seamless performance of the iOS devices.

Cons of Android:

  • Lack of security: Device lacks security and prone to malware attacks.
  • Too many advertisements: You will be troubled by too many advertisements and third-party applications.
  • Bloatware: High bloat wares consume a large amount of space in your android device.

Cons of IOS:

  • Exorbitant price: The cost of an iOS device is nearly 3 times that of an android device.
  • Lack of user flexibility: Once you adapt yourself to an eco-system of the iOS devices, it gets difficult to shift to any other device.
  • Lack of customization: As a user, you cannot use the iPhone device as per your comfort. Lack of customization is where android gets the benefit over an iOS.
  • High servicing cost: Bet you get any hardware malfunction on your iOS device. It will cost you a huge sum of money to repair it.


According to us, if you are looking to enjoy a customizable device, go for android devices. Contrarily, if premium products define you, iOS devices should be your first choice. If you have switched to an iOS device for the first time and not comfortable with it, you can sell new iphone that you have bought. But it is better to wait for a couple of months. If you are still not comfortable using it, you can sell it for an Android device.

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