8 Ways to Design Annual Report Strategies

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Best Ways to Design Annual Report Strategies will be described in this article. Your company’s unique selling proposition can be highlighted in every annual report. However, how companies choose to deliver their reports is changing. The finest annual reports of today use elements of infographic-inspired design, such as data visualisations, diagrams, and icons. They rely on visual information to convey their message since it is easier to understand and more interesting to viewers.

8 Ways to Design Annual Report Strategies

In this article, you can know about 8 Ways to Design Annual Report Strategies here are the details below; There aren’t enough traditional, text-heavy studies anymore. Things need to pick up now. You may make your report into a fun piece of visual content this year by using some or all of these 8 strategies.



  • The finest annual reports connect in a variety of ways, so be aware of this initially.
  • Using components that are reminiscent of infographics will assist readers’ eyes relax before your next piece.
  • The annual print study for Deloitte, one of the main 4 businesses in the audit, uses bold charts and graphs to break up the information.
  • Of course, they also put the data front and centre.
  • This makes it simpler for readers to form quick conclusions and spot the most recent patterns in the provided data.
  • It would be difficult for readers to locate the information if it were tucked away in a paragraph.


  • If your report isn’t data-heavy, you can still include other graphic components.
  • A standout cover page should entice readers to read further.
  • Use pictures to clearly divide your report into sections.
  • Key ideas can be highlighted with the aid of icons.
  • All of these components can work together to tell a bigger tale and assist your readers in making judgements.
  • And helpful if you need to exchange some info!
  • It can be a key component of the visual narrative.
  • The annual report by travel company Noord is an excellent example of a visually engaging narrative.
  • Characters and data are rendered in an artistic, hand-drawn manner.
  • With this writing approach, the storybook’s components seamlessly mesh with the topic.
  • The report has an approachable, real-world sense because to its overall style.
  • It’s impossible not to adore the visual storytelling of these Nordic gods carrying aeroplanes on their backs.



A tried-and-true visual component of annual reports is photography. It can give your goods or services a human element or give them life. The Ball Corporation annual report features a picture of production equipment to give it a lively vibe. The image’s powerful sense of motion pulls the viewer down the page. This is another Annual Report Strategies. Also check ERP Software

Longer text blocks can be balanced by bold photography. To ensure that your annual report looks its best, just make sure to choose high-resolution images. Also remember that the best annual reports come from outside the box. Subtle cropping or masking can improve the overall look of your design.  Avoid simply going too far.


  • If you want to get more people to read your report, think about creating an interactive microsite.
  • like the Bluetooth annual report, which focuses readers’ attention by highlighting the most significant outcomes.
  • If you read the report, pay attention to how the minor movements make scrolling easier.
  • The experience of reading can be enhanced by even small movements.


The best of your efforts from the previous year can be highlighted in your annual report. So why not maximise what you’ve already accomplished?

Videos or social media postings that are interactive also make it easier for you to embed fresh content or existing assets. The interactive report for the company Warby Parker captivates readers with its dynamic iconography. Then it links to blogs, highlights, and other content. It is both strategic and interesting at the same time:


The value of how you demonstrate your knowledge increases as you gain more of it. Therefore, if you bury information in a long piece, readers might never find it.

Perhaps you want to focus on attracting casual readers while providing your entire details for those who desire a deeper investigation. An interactive experience is used to deliver the content in a textual report for the Seattle Department of Transportation. As a result, more than 20,000 data points can be investigated in a variety of ways by readers. More people find it appealing than any of the two formats would alone.



A yearly infographic report employs a variety of visual techniques. By relying on images, icons, and details, this approach reduces the amount of text. Also check Virtual Assistant

This “less is more” approach to the text is embraced in an infographic from the Sinai Urban Health Institute’s annual report. The result is knowledge-driven and reader-friendly. An infographic of the annual report is just as shareable as a digital file, if not more so, despite the fact that the aforementioned report was produced in print.

And in that form, it may be viewed in a variety of ways, such as a long-scrolling infographic housed on your website, as a PDF, or as a collection of mini-infographics uploaded on social media. The options are practically limitless, so pick what suits you the best.


Like the best annual reports, they cannot be produced on paper. If enhancing interaction is your goal, think about using a motion graphic. Most of your viewers might not have enough time to read a lengthy post. A motion graphic can say a lot in just 30 seconds, though. In actuality, 94% of marketers who employ video claim that it has increased customer awareness of their goods or services. It’s essential to maintain simplicity.


Which format should you choose for your upcoming report, then? It largely depends on your objective or target.

High-quality visual communication is crucial, regardless of whether you want an infographic, an interactive report, a motion graphic, or a printed annual report. With the proper graphic strategy, your data or report will do far more than you might imagine. A possibility that only arises once a year is creating the annual report.

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