Are land-based Casinos Popular in New Zealand?

Although it seems like online casinos have taken over the gambling industry, the land-based casinos are often patronized by New Zealanders – old school gamblers! Young players also come in once in a while too.

The reason gamblers are still craving for land-based casinos may not be farfetched. As humans, our instinct to socialize sometimes drives us to seek physical contact. Some of these casinos have been around for a long time even before the craze about online casinos started.

Most casinos goers will prefer to go to a land-based casino then play online.

Let’s take a look at the land-based casino in NZ.

  • Dunedin Casino

This land-based casino has been around for 20 years. Dunedin casino commenced its operations in 1999. It is located close to the Dunedin International Airport. Locals and visitors often visit this casino regularly. They offer their new players instant membership cards. They have 12 gaming tables and they have about 180 electronic games. They open daily between 11 am and 3 am. However, if you are not found worthy by management to play, you will be refused entry into the casino. They are located at 118 High Street New Zealand.

  • Sky City Auckland Casino

This land casino offers both pleasure and beauty to their customers. Sky City is located in a 5-star hotel visited by mostly rich players. This land casino is quite popular among locals and visitors. The origin of this land-based casino can be traced back to 1996. They have 150 table games and 2100 electronic gaming machines. Players must dress in a neat and tidy manner to gain entry. You can find them at Corner Victoria and Federal Streets.

  • Christchurch Casino

Christchurch Casino is the oldest casino in NZ. They are situated at 30 Victoria street Christchurch New Zealand. Their operations started in 1994. Since they started their operations, they have maintained an excellent reputation. They present their players with an excellent atmosphere suitable for gambling. It is a fun place to go for a family weekend trip. They have restaurants and bars that offer local and international cuisines. However, if you are a tourist you will enjoy every minute spent here. They are located close to a hotel too. So if you want to stay back, accommodation is not a problem.

Other land-based casinos in New Zealand are;

  • SKYCITY Hamilton
  • SKYCITY Queenstown
  • Wharf Casino

The condition that allows the creation of a land-based casino in New Zealand is quite strict. Therefore as of today, the entire number of land-based casinos in New Zealand is 6.

Some of the factors that drive players to visit the land-based casinos are;

  1. Physical contact
  2. The experience and closer
  3. The atmosphere
  4. Enhances family bond or relationship

No doubt a lot of New Zealanders are still visiting the land-based casinos regularly. Some people see going to land-based casinos like going to the cinemas. If you are a tourist you have to be careful and be alert. Although land-based casinos are still popular, virtual gambling is safer and more convenient.

Finally, if you prefer playing online casinos, there are various NZ casinos online. They are licensed by a reputable online gambling agency. Just make sure they are safe and secure.

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