Are you thinking of launching a static website and finally say goodbye to hackers

Getting Started with Static Sites

Are you thinking of launching a static website and say goodbye to hackers? Is the concept of moving from dynamic to static site alienating your expertise? Here is the deal; in this article, we are going to share deep insights on WordPress static website and help you answer critical questions about this subject.

What is a static website?

Perhaps we should begin by answering this question before we embark on our discussion. A static website is made up of HTML pages which may be more than one that loads, in the same manner every time different users open them. Unlike dynamic websites whose loading speed is influenced by weather, time, and data inputs, static sites load quickly.

Also, in contrast to the dynamic website, which requires JavaScript code execution, static’s HTML files are simple and do not require time-consuming execution procedures.

Static Site Generator

All high-performing WordPress sites are dynamic, but with the threat of hackers lurking around, there is a dire need to convert them to static sites. This is enabled by WordPress static site generators. These generators are simple plugins available at a friendly price.

A static site generator is basically a tool that uses HTML to generate a website from raw data and templates. The tool automates the process of individual coding HTML and produces multiple pages to serve browsers.

Advantages of Having a Static Site  

They are Time Conscious 

This is by far the biggest advantage of the static site; they are quick to develop than dynamic websites. Normally, most professional coders will take less than four weeks to develop static sites. This is 3 to 4 times less than the time it will take a professional developer to create a dynamic site.

You will Spend Less on Static Site

Static sites are cost-effective and are a good choice for businesses running on a strict budget. According to Quora, simple static websites with less than 20 pages will cost you at least $1000. The cost may increase depending on the developer, hosting company, etc.

Search Engines are Easy to Index Static Websites 

Search engine indexing is the process Google or Bing uses to organize information on a website to help it respond to queries very fast. So, search engines easily index static websites due to their simplicity. In short, they are a series of easily identifiable HTML or CSS files.

Challenges to Expect when Migrating to Static Sites

Despite being a buzz in online trends, a static site comes with its own challenges. Here are some of them;

  •         Migrating from existing dynamic websites to static sites is very difficult
  •         The future of static websites is unclear since we do not know if new technologies will continue to support them
  •         If you are not familiar with HTML, building a static website is an uphill task

Wrap up 

Static sites are secure and time conscious even though, at times, they are a bit technical to develop. In our upcoming articles we will be expanding our discussion on this subject; stay connected.

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