Top 10 Best Avenzamaps Alternatives In 2023

Avenzamaps Alternatives

Best Avenzamaps Alternatives will be described in this article. You may arrange your GPS tracks, placemarks, pictures, and distance measurements with the online mapping application AVENZA Maps. This application offers the ability to connect to a network and find your location on any map. For your smartphone, it is an offline map of the immediate area that you can load with your own personalized maps.

Additionally, the application’s dashboard facilitates the management of swapping maps prior to going into the field. Find accurate maps for any activity in your area as well as the bike, hiking, and other routes.  It enables statistical analysis for distance measurement.


  • Your upcoming holiday itinerary is decided by National Geographic.
  • To keep track of your whereabouts, use mobile maps that are offline and GPS.
  • Includes maps for geography, cycling, towns, the sea, travel, and trails, as well as the ability to make your own maps, find your location using a GPS, and get directions.
  • Examine your movement logs from your GPS.


  • Online store for maps
  • Browse activities, categories, and publications
  • Download excellent maps
  • Create layers of geofencing
  • Align display formats and certain symbol sets


  • Fewer options when offline
  • Paid Subscription
  • Troubleshooting

Top 10 Best Avenzamaps Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Avenzamaps Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Footpath Route Planner

Footpath Route Planner

A measurement tool called FOOTPATH ROUTE PLANNER helps you determine the precise length and altitude of your expedition. You can create a route based on turns that meets your needs using the offline topographic maps features. To use its maps, you can instantly connect to highways and trails. Additionally, by providing turn-by-turn directions, this program keeps track of your whereabouts and boosts purchases. It supports the program that enables you to control precisely predicted routes that fit.

2. Ioverlander


IOVERLANDER is a next-destination charitable activity that made it simple to locate information while saving you time, money, or petrol. A significant fraction of overlanders can use this program to publish, update, and find information mostly about locations. You may locate the GPS coordinates, amenities, pictures, and places to visit using the database of sites. A map can also be used to explore the neighborhood, add new locations, keep track of your travels, and share locations with others. Without any connectivity to the internet.



You can use the explorer software ONX BACKCOUNTRY: 3D TRAIL MAPS to help you on your expedition. This software offers the convenience of direct routes for ski tours and backpacking. You can choose your next excursion with the assistance of the information you share with your pals. The offline map can be used to save the maps that are available from anywhere. Furthermore, it works with GPS on your mobile device even when there is no network connection.

4. ExplorOz


An program called ExplorOz can help you arrange the perfect journey throughout Australia with your closest friend. You’ll go on a road trip, drive off-road, or go camping for nothing. With beautiful outback trackers, itinerary planners, and intelligent mapping, it helps you. Also referred to as a one-stop digital travel resource Additionally, offline maps help with the level of accuracy and detail for off-road and off-the-grid travel. Similar amounts of information are present as in the online version. a web browser with interactive features. This is another Avenzamaps Alternatives. Also check FaceCheck

5. Hema 4X4 Explorer

Hema 4X4 Explorer

Hema 4X4 Explorer is an application that encourages exploration and empowers guests.  Users of this program can obtain plans, explore the area, and share their position. Excellent multi-scale topographic mapping is really helpful for the distant camping excursion for mapping and navigating. With the most recent technology, you may maneuver with confidence while using GPS to precisely track data. Additionally, it has offline mapping and tracking features so you can travel safely to remote locations. The data is tracked using GPS tracking equipment.

6. BackCountry Navigator XE: Outdoor GPS Topo App

BackCountry Navigator XE

Everyone is interested in exploring outdoor games these days. This program offers the option to select the specific offline maps you want to utilize. The transportable GPS can be used.  It facilitates the management of the 50 global and regional sources. Additionally, the most dependable sources can help you find key variables. You can offer helpful information to people all across the world from a range of countries. When the applications are offline, it facilitates the selection of the mapa.



Using the help of National Geographic trail guides, you can explore using GAIA GPS and organize your collection. By developing, modifying, and measuring pathways that are ideal for peaceful camping, it is modifying the boundary between public and private properties. Utilizing the snap-to-trail and planning a route that avoids busy streets and hiking and biking trails are also helpful. Additionally, this tool aids in distance calculation and journey management. There are numerous route roads and hiking. This is another Avenzamaps Alternatives.

8. Locus Maps

Locus Maps

The Menion Locus Maps application, created by Jirka Mlavec, is the first step in the development of maps. The best hikers, cyclists, and geocachers benefit from this application. The outdoor navigation system offers a wide range of routing options to its user base. Additionally, it aids in managing the routing plans for a number of possible charts to display on the map. It aids in managing the image possibilities for road condition. The map can be used to establish the parameters, values, and charts.

9. onX Offroad: Trail Maps and GPS

onX Offroad

One of the top platforms, onX Offroad, connects users with businesses involved in outdoor exploration and adventure and provides navigational apps like onX Hunt, onX Offroad, and onX Backcountry. Through providing rich, cutting-edge mapping experiences and inspiring confidence to its users, this platform enables adventurers to go further. Even experienced or inexperienced adventurers can be given permission to investigate opportunities on public and accessible areas. Additionally, onX Offroad features partnerships with charitable institutions. This is another Avenzamaps Alternatives.



Many individuals use GPS Hunting maps while they travel. This software offers information on utilizing topo maps. The most reliable and accurate GPS satellite is this one. You can view information about land ownership with the use of a fully functional GPS navigation device. The property lines and names of the landowners are both listed. On your own maps, you can inspect the hunting units with mountain roads and trails, as well as both public and private property.

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