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Best book writing applications

book writing applications

Every person can be called to be a writer. Someone writes for satisfaction,someone writes poems,stories,novels and someone writes blogs. Nowadays everything is written in any kind of software or application. So if you have smartphones or laptops then what are you thinking of, you can easily write your own feelings here in these kinds of applications.

Best book Writing applications.

Many writing applications are there for you to show your talent. But most important is that you have to use you can get the free trial of grammarly to check your grammar and spellings. This application is very helpful. So let us come to the main topic about the best book writing applications. The features of best applications are stated below, please have a look.

Character story planner 2

First of all this application comes free, so it is pocket friendly. This is a fantastic application for you to write anything. You can write a full book here and after that you can easily transpose those into word processors. Moreover this includes a creation process for story events, places, names and other types of scenes. So without hesitating you can easily write on this app. This app checks the grammar error and spelling mistakes also.

Google Drive

Surveys say that nowadays Google Drive is one of the best writing apps. The features are very good so obviously nobody will face any problem. Google drive can be assessed from any instrument with the help of an internet. This app is also free, so don’t worry just use it. Google drive is a cloud platform and excellent storage facility. I personally use it for content writing.

Jotter pad

Jotter pad is specially used by those writers who write novels, stories etc. This app comes in free version also but in free version you will not get all the facilities, so if you really want to use this app, it is better to go for subscription. This app has features like cloud storage supporter, word counter, dark mode and many others. So this app will never give you a chance to complain.


This app is simple and easy to use. You can easily handle this. It is a simple editor but for the formatting, it uses Markdown. You can also use it online as well as offline mode. The remarkable feature is that you can easily convert your writing into PDF and it has many other facilities also which will obviously attract the readers to catch attention to this app. It provides perfect service and yes obviously it is absolutely free. No charge is needed to use this app.


The name Novelist suggests that this is one of the best writing apps for writers. This app has the quality of preparing, writing, exploring the poems, stories etc. More features like Microsoft Word and Google doc are also there. This app is completely free so don’t worry just go and use this app. Book preview feature, multiple formatting options are present there.


There are many and various kinds of apps present. We can use them in laptops and smartphones also. So if you have a wish to establish your career as a writer, don’t waste time, install these apps as quickly as possible and start making your creation through your writing.

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