Best 12 Cheap VPS hosting Providers in 2024

For good reason, the majority of online experts, developers, and serious company owners use a cheap virtual/cloud server to host their website or app.

There is no comparison between having your own dedicated virtual server and using an overloaded shared hosting server. In terms of performance, security, stability, customizability, and scalability, the former choice wins.

I’ve been reading tech-related forums on Reddit and other sites, and in almost every post when someone asks for web hosting advice, there will be at least one comment arguing for utilizing a VPS instead of shared hosting.

A VPS, or virtual private server, is similar to having your own private area on a computer with limited resources. If you require more, you may easily expand it. VPS is a robust service with several advantages.

This VPS review will go into detail to identify the best Cheap VPS hosting services and provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision. A virtual private server (VPS) may be advantageous to your organization since it is less limiting than shared hosting and less expensive than a dedicated server.

Best 12 Cheap VPS hosting Providers in 2024

We evaluated and examined many hosting companies to select the 12 top Best cheap VPS hosts to assist you in finding the finest VPS hosting service for the lowest price. Price range, performance outcomes (including uptime, speed, and average reaction times), features offered, management systems, and installers for various operating systems were among the testing criteria.

1. Hetzner – Cheap Cloud VPS Hosting

Hetzner Cloud is a division of Hetzner, a German hosting firm noted for its inexpensive pricing structures. Hetzner Cloud provides customers with a variety of Cheap VPS hosting providers plans and add-on services that are suited to unique needs. Hetzner’s dedication to innovation has resulted in the creation of enhanced security features and simple control panels that put clients in charge of their hosting experience. Martin Hetzner, the company’s founder, has been essential in steering the company’s growth and ensuring that it remains focused on providing great customer service.

Hetzner was established in 1997 and is based in Gunzenhausen, Germany. The corporation has two data centers, one in Falkenstein and the other near Nuremberg. Hetzner has over a million clients throughout the world.

Shared hosting options from Hetzner start at €1.60 per month and offer features like unlimited bandwidth, cPanel, and SSH access. Cloud hosting services from Hetzner start at €3.90 per month and include SSD storage, KVM virtualization, and DDoS protection. The dedicated server hosting options from Hetzner start at €34.00 per month and include Intel Xeon CPUs, ECC RAM, and 1 Gbps networking.

Hetzner is an excellent alternative for organizations and individuals seeking economical and dependable hosting services. The organization provides a wide range of features and plans to meet the demands of all customers.

I’ve been using Hetzner’s services for over 5 years, and they’re growing better and better at a very reasonable price.

2. Vultr – Affordable Cheap VPS Hosting

Vultr is a well-known brand for Cheap VPS servers that offer outstanding services to its customers. Giving you the option of deploying instantaneously means that as soon as you click deploy, your instance is spun up in the specified data center, so you don’t have to wait long.

Their data centers are located on five continents and in 32 distinct locations to ensure that you get outstanding speed and dependability while deploying in just a few clicks. It is one of our favorite Cheap VPS servers because it delivers great performance using the finest AMD and CPUs at an inexpensive price.

You may improve the capabilities and performance of your cloud compute on Vultr by using sophisticated add-ons. These potent add-ons include automated backups, which are vital for mission-critical systems. You may setup scheduled backups in the customer interface to guarantee that the platform backups your data on a regular basis.

The powerful snapshot add-on was created particularly to automate your deployments and generate copies of your current servers. A web-based firewall solution may defend one or more compute instances, and DDoS protection is critical for protecting against network assaults and ensuring optimal uptime.

Optimized cloud computing may be used for common applications such as e-commerce, game servers, web and application servers, and many more. Their normal performance optimized cloud computing is available in ten distinct bundles from which to pick. The first (IPv6-only VPS) plan is $2.50 per month and includes one vCPU, 512MB of RAM, 0.5TB of bandwidth, and 10GB of storage.

The second option, which starts at $3.50 per month, includes 1 vCPU, 0.5GB of RAM, 0.5TB of bandwidth, and 10GB of storage. Their third plan is $5 per month and includes 1 vCPU, 1GB of RAM, 1TB of bandwidth, and 25GB of storage. You can look at the other six packages on Vultr to see if they fit your requirements. There are a variety of plans and specially optimized servers to select from, such as High Performance, General Purpose, CPU Optimized, Memory Optimized, Storage Optimized, GPU Cloud, Bare Metal Servers, MySQL Servers, Kubernetes hosting, and databases cloud hosting, among others.

3. ContaboFast & Flexible Cloud VPS Hosting

Contabo is well-known for its extremely fast NVMe SSDs and widespread availability. You may quickly grow your virtual private server (VPS) servers to meet your needs and take advantage of the best features of contemporary architecture, NVMe VPS storage, and high website traffic thanks to the strong, adaptable, and quick cloud instances.

It’s one of the few sites that actually explains why you should use their VPS services. The six reasons they provide are as follows: German quality; daily unmatched rates; worldwide availability; first-rate assistance at all times; outstanding emphasis on security; and awards for customer service, data center, and uptime.

You will quickly become familiar with Contabo thanks to some of its great cloud VPS features. The high-end storage on this platform, which lets you select between SSD and NVMe options and increase their capacity based on your demands, is one of our favorite features. Another fantastic advantage is generous traffic, which enables you to send around 32TB of data outgoing and infinitely much inward at top speeds of 200 Mbit/s and 1 Gbit/s.

You can choose from four bundles offered by Contabo. For 6.99 USD/month, you can get four virtual CPU cores, 8GB RAM, 50GB NVMe, one snapshot, and 32TB of traffic with the Cloud VPS S plan. For $11.99 USD/month, you can get six virtual CPU cores, 16GB RAM, 100GB NVMe, two snapshots, and 32TB of traffic with the Cloud VPS M package.

For 19.99 USD/month, you can get eight virtual CPU cores, 30GB RAM, 200GB NVMe, three snapshots, and 32TB of traffic with the Cloud VPS L package. Starting at $34.99 USD/month, the Cloud VPS XL plan provides 10 vCPU cores, 60GB RAM, 400GB NVMe, 4 snapshots, and 32TB of traffic. To find out more about what else this VPS server has in store for you, click this link to visit Contabo.

4. RackNerd – Pure SSD storage KVM VPS

With more than 20 datacenters under management globally, RackNerd is well-known for utilizing colocation, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and private cloud hosting to provide infrastructure stability. Using the user-friendly control panel and KVM virtualization, you can easily stop, start, console, reinstall, and reset your server at any time.

With 1 Gbit/s speed available on all virtual private servers on RackNerd, you can no longer accept less. It is among the most convenient low-cost VPS servers since you may change the operating system at any time to suit your requirements and switch out distributions.

This platform has strong Intel CPUs that power the state-of-the-art Intel Xeon processors in your servers. Noction IRP has optimized the platform’s network to provide you with lightning-fast speeds.

You may utilize their fast storage solution to the fullest extent possible as all of their VPSs are SSD-cached. Moreover, despite all of RackNerd’s benefits, their team is there to help you around-the-clock if you run into any problems utilizing their platform.

There are seven different packages available from RackNerd. Starting at $22.99 USD/year, the base plan offers 500GB of bandwidth, one vCore, 15GB of Raid-10 SSD cache storage, and one free IP address in addition to 512MB of RAM. One free IP address, two vCore processors, 50GB of Raid-10 SSD cache storage, 1TB of bandwidth, and 1GB of RAM are all included in the second plan, which has a monthly starting price of $17.99.

5. VPSdime – Cheap VPS with Large VCPU

Cheap VPS hosting with sufficient resources and practical features is available from VPSdime. In order to provide faster speeds, it uses 10Gbps VPS uplink bandwidth, which enables the server to easily handle the sudden spike in traffic. The only possible downside is a limited amount of data transfer, starting at 2TB (which isn’t too bad, to be honest) and up to 24TB when you upgrade to more expensive plans.

The cheapest four-core virtual machines are available from VPSdime. You will receive four CPU cores whether you select the basic or premium package. Enterprise-class SSD systems also offer consistent and enhanced data rendering performance.

Competing websites are not a worry for you because the supplier offers resources that are exclusively available to your server.

You have to select the Linux distribution along with other requirements when purchasing the plan. The company exclusively offers self-managed virtual PCs; other services are available for an additional fee.

You can do a lot of activities with the help of the server control panel, which will simplify server management. With the control panel, for instance, you can rapidly turn your server on and off and change the amount of resources it has.

Admin level addition gives you 10 minutes of technical support from a knowledgeable staff for backups, control panel installation, and VPS setup, among other things.

Experts from VPSDime’s technical support team are available to assist you with any technical problems you may have when configuring or managing your virtual server.

6. OVHCloud – NVMe SSD VPS server

Performance and scalability are only two of the features that make Cheap VPS Servers stand out from competitors. When these features are available at a competitive price, users are won over to the platform. OVHCloud is offering you all of these at the most reasonable prices. Their SSD virtual private servers are available in several places worldwide, offering up to 2Gbit/s of bandwidth per second and infinite traffic.

OVHCloud provides a very potent solution that can be customized to fit your budget. Dedicated solutions with fully allocated NVMe SSD VPS resources, scalable environments that grow with your project to give you complete control over your virtual private machine, unlimited incoming and outgoing traffic, the option to enable automatic data backups for your VPS server, and the option to host your VPS server in the closest data center to your location are just a few of its exceptional features.

There are four different packages available for the platform. One vCore, 2GB RAM, a 40GB SSD NVMe, and unmetered bandwidth of 250 Mbps are all included in the value plan, which starts at $5.52/mo. For $10.58 a month, you can get two vCore, 4GB RAM, an 80GB SSD NVMe, and 500 Mbps Unmetered with the standard subscription.

The comfort package comes with four vCore, 8GB RAM, a 160GB SSD NVMe, and 1 Gbps unmetered bandwidth, starting at $21.16 a month. For $31.28 a month, you can have eight vCore, 8GB to 32GB RAM, 160GB to 640GB SSD NVMe, and 2 Gbps Unmetered with the elite package.

7. Namecheap – Cheap Managed VPS Hosting Services

Namecheap offers fully customized VPS hosting. You have complete root access to your server and may select between Ubuntu, CentOS, or Debian as your operating system. Alternatively, you might install the cPanel control panel. It enables you to transfer your VPS and current websites to Namecheap for free.

When invoiced annually, Namecheap Pulsar cheap VPS hosting providers starts at $6.88 per month. This plan includes 1000 GB of bandwidth, 40 GB of storage, 2 GB of RAM, and two CPU cores.

Upgrading to a higher-performance plan costs $12.88 per month for the Qusar VPS service. It features 120 GB of storage, 4 CPU cores, 6 GB of RAM, and 3000 GB of bandwidth. Additionally, there are other server administration options available to you. For $10 a month, you can get a server and security updates with the Basic plan.

failed recovery assistance. These capabilities, together with core software updates and a service to fix server failure causes, are included with the $25/month Complete package. Both Namecheap VPS plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.


Ionos (formerly 1&1) has developed a respectable reputation for providing dependable and reasonably priced hosting services over the years.

I’ve made the decision to provide a comprehensive evaluation of Ionos as an SEO professional and hosting services expert with more than ten years of experience assessing and contrasting various providers.

To help you determine if Ionos is the best hosting provider for your website, I’ll provide an objective, data-driven analysis of their services.

Having been in business since 1988, Ionos is regarded as one of the more established companies.

It developed a reputation over time as a low-cost web host with some of the most reasonably priced hosting packages available. Presently, it oversees hosting and domain management for more than 8 million users globally.

Ionos is a trusted partner for millions of clients worldwide because of their focus on customer satisfaction and deep understanding of what businesses want from their hosting services.

Compared to shared hosting, VPS hosting provides greater security and safety. Compared to shared hosting, it is more costly. On the other hand, it also gives you your own private place on a shared server.

This keeps your site from being impacted by other websites that have been compromised or that have utilized more resources than is reasonable, which may cause your site to load more slowly if you didn’t have your own partition (like with shared hosting).

9. Kamatera – Best High Performance VPS Hosting

With 18 distinct locations and data centers spread across four continents, the Kamatera VPS server offers exceptional speed and dependability. No matter where you are based—from London to Hong Kong, from Toronto to New York, or anywhere in between—Kamatera can provide top-notch services to launch your website.

Because you can easily add firewalls, load balancers, and private networks to your current server, their VPS servers are very scalable. Scaling up to hundreds of servers is simple and can be done in a matter of seconds. They promise 99.95% uptime and are so dependable that there is no possibility of even a single point of failure.

Most likely, Kamatera is the quickest cloud provider for services. You may operate your server with up to 300% more power per CPU than prior generations thanks to their latest Intel Xeon CPUs. You may benefit from quick networking between your servers and the internet backbone thanks to the 40 Gbit private and public networking.

Solid State Drive Storage allows you to execute your databases and apps with minimal latency and no I/O bottlenecks. Bonus: All of the resources on this platform are assigned to each server individually, preventing overselling or resource sharing of CPU, RAM, or other resources.

Regarding cost, you may choose one of the platform’s nine basic packages or tailor one to your specifications. The initial plan gives one virtual CPU, 1024MB RAM, 20GB SSD storage, 5TB internet traffic, and starts at 4 USD per month for the basic nine packages. The second plan provides one virtual CPU, 2048MB RAM, 20GB SSD storage, and 5TB of internet traffic, with a monthly starting price of $6 USD.

The third plan, which has two virtual CPUs, 2048MB RAM, 30GB SSD storage, and 5TB of internet traffic, is available for 6 USD each month. You can visit Kamatera to see whether or not the other six packages satisfy your needs.

10. Hostinger

One of my first choices for affordable, reliable web hosting is Hostinger. Although it’s not very inexpensive, you receive a fantastic value for your money.

While the firm is best known for shared hosting, they also provide some excellent VPS offers in various data center locations throughout the globe.

The fact that Hostinger’s VPS hosting is entirely self-managed is an essential piece of information. After gaining complete root access, you may install and set up your own server software as needed.

Initially, you may select from a few pre-made operating system templates to have your server immediately installed (with or without a control panel). However, you will be responsible for any additional customizations and upgrades.

I’ll say it again: Hostinger offers no technical assistance for problems arising from software. If you don’t have the skills and expertise to handle any technological issues on your own, this service might not be the best fit for you.

Although I believe Hostinger’s VPS service is a reasonably priced option for developers and tech-savvy individuals, its lack of complete technical assistance makes me reluctant to use or suggest it for production.

11. DigitalOcean

Since DigitalOcean has so many features, it is known as the developer’s cloud. It is among the VPS hosting providers to take into consideration in addition to being developer-friendly. DigitalOcean is renowned for its speed and security.

DigitalOcean makes server management easy with only one click. They have a transparent and predictable approach to pricing. in order for you to get fully informed about price. But even with all of its advantages, the cost of DigitalOcean is a little high in comparison to other VPS hosting options available on the market. For instance, their 2GB RAM VPS entry-level is $12. Moreover, the website may be challenging to navigate and is not particularly user-friendly.

12. A2Hosting

Does the prospect of up to 20x quicker loading speeds, a 99.99% uptime guarantee, and team support that is available around-the-clock seem like a dream to you? Well, by offering all these exclusive services under one roof, A2 Hosting has fulfilled the ambition of every website owner. You may exactly design your server to meet your needs and desires with their unmanaged VPS hosting providers, and you won’t ever have to pay for the top administration layer. This implies that you won’t have to cope with package restrictions or become irritated by them.

Because of the fantastic features A2 has in store for you, you will be able to enjoy the fastest VPS speeds possible on this platform. You may benefit from reduced bounce rates, improved SEO rankings, and increased conversion rates with the 20x faster Turbo servers. Furthermore, this platform offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which ensures extremely dependable services.

Even in the event that you run into any difficulties, the support staff is on hand around-the-clock to handle your concerns and provide solutions. The platform adheres to industry best practices to guarantee the complete security of your account. Lastly, the packages with a money-back guarantee to the investment are fully risk-free in case you are dissatisfied with their services.

There are six distinct packages offered by A2Hosting. For a three-year membership, the Runway1 starts at $2.99/month and includes 1GB RAM, 20GB SSD storage, one core, 0.5TB transfer, root access, and a money-back guarantee. With a three-year membership, the Runway2 costs $7.99/month and comes with two cores, two gigabytes of RAM, 75GB of SSD storage, 2TB of transfer, root access, and a money-back guarantee.

With three years of membership, the Runway4 starts at $9.99/mo and has four cores, 150GB SSD storage, 4GB RAM, 3TB transfer, root access, and a money-back guarantee. You may view the other three packages, Supersonic 8, Supersonic 16, and Supersonic 32, on their website. They are all in the Turbo category.

What is VPS Hosting?

The natural progression when shared solutions are no longer enough for your website is VPS hosting. You have a configuration where a small number of customers use the computer, as opposed to numerous users using the same resources on the server. Moreover, the accounts are totally segregated from one another, meaning that nobody else can tamper with your security or performance.

All of it is made possible via a procedure known as virtualization.

It enables you to divide a single physical computer into many virtual instances that run independently of one another. Compared to shared services, consumers are granted far more access since they operate independently. What you can accomplish with VPS web hosting is therefore almost limitless if you have some experience with server management.

Which Considerations Should You Make While Selecting a VPS Hosting Company?

A pleasant and prosperous online experience may be ensured by taking into account a few crucial elements when selecting the finest VPS server hosting for your requirements.

Let’s go right to the point and examine the most important guidelines that will help you make the best choice possible:

1.) Reliability & Uptime: It’s critical to make sure that visitors can still access your website. To reduce downtime, look for suppliers who have a history of high uptime percentages.

2.) Performance & Speed: An uninterrupted user experience is ensured by a quick and responsive VPS. To increase performance, choose providers that have solid-state disks (SSDs) and enough of server resources.

3.) Security: It’s critical to keep visitors and your data safe. Select a hosting provider that uses strong security features like firewalls, DDoS defense, and frequent backups.

4.) Scalability: Your hosting requirements will evolve as your internet business expands. Choose a virtual private server company that can readily enhance its resources to meet growing traffic and demand.

5.) Customer Support: Troubleshooting problems requires a competent and attentive customer support staff. Seek round-the-clock assistance via a variety of methods, including phone, email, and live chat.

6.) Root Access: Having total control over your virtual private server (VPS) enables you to manage and customize it to suit your needs and tastes.

7.) Site transfer: Support for simple site transfer is essential if you already have a website. Select a hosting company that can help you migrate your website’s files and databases seamlessly so you can do it hassle-free.

8.) Control Panel: Managing your VPS is made simple with an intuitive control panel. To make things easier, look for alternatives that are straightforward, like Plesk or cPanel, for managing domains, installing software, and keeping an eye on server performance.

9.) Price & Value: Although price is an important factor, pay attention to the whole value that the hosting company is providing. Examine costs in relation to available features and resources to discover a solution that satisfies your needs without sacrificing functionality.

Should You Invest in VPS Hosting Services?

The sheer number of options available to you when looking at website hosting companies may be overwhelming. If not dedicated servers or cloud hosting, the majority of businesses usually provide shared and virtual private server hosting at the very least.

Not every business is a good fit for VPS hosting. An improved choice for small organizations that are just getting started is a shared hosting package. It can provide the resources you require right now and is less expensive than a VPS subscription.

For websites that can no longer be sustained by the resources offered by shared hosting, a virtual server is perfect. The next logical step for a firm that has developed and needs more data storage, better loading times, and capacity for more incoming traffic is to consider a virtual server.

Additionally, websites handling sensitive data and needing higher security levels could find it perfect. Not that shared hosting is unsafe, mind you. Nonetheless, compared to shared servers, VPS security is much superior.

Which VPS is the cheapest?

Cheapest unmanaged VPS plans are offered by Vultr, while the least expensive managed VPS plans are offered by Hetzner. Many providers provide substantial reductions during your initial terms, but those discounts might rise by up to 50% when you renew. You might also look at the list of affordable VPS.

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