Best Email Verification Services in 2021

Email verification is a simple method of verifying if an email address is valid or not. In order to check addresses, we need to take the help of a tool which in general is termed as email verification service. These services or tools check each and every mail address in the list and remove all those addresses that are potentially harmful or invalid. In case you are an email marketer and want to run a great marketing campaign, then you need to validate your mailing list in the first place before sending out emails or reaching out to customers.

In general, successful email marketing completely depends on how many emails are being sent out to valid addresses. Email verification service is one of the key tools that everybody using emails must-have. These services can easily remove and identify all sorts of invalid, fake, disposable, role-based, and duplicate mail addresses for a mailing list and provide a fresh and better one. Here is a list of some of the best email verification services that you can opt for in 2021.

Best Email Validation Tools In 2021

Clearout: This is a completely cloud-based email verifier tool that helps in sorting out all invalid addresses in just a few minutes. Moreover, it provides an easy and simple user dashboard where one needs to upload the mailing list in order to start with the verification process. The Clearout verification tool can also be integrated with other CRMs and email marketing tools very easily. It can also verify Office365, Yahoo, and AOL with almost 96% accuracy.

EmailListVerify: In case you are searching for the best and the cheapest email verification services, then EmailListVerify can be one of the best options for you. It can do all the jobs and costs just four bucks for every thousand email validation. Furthermore, you can also integrate its real-time-based API with your existing application and verify every address that is added to your database.

The Checker: The checker is another cost-effective email scrubbing service that comes with a deliverability rate of ninety-nine percent. The Checker also provides a long range of features that can easily verify all outdated email address lists in a short time along with pinpoint accuracy.

QuickEmailVerification: This tool is completely online and a real-time-based email verification service which especially guarantees that all your emails are delivered directly into the customer’s mailbox. QuickEmailVerification enables the user to verify bulk emails in seconds. Furthermore, users can also enable real-time verification by integrating REST API into existing websites or applications.

The main reason why you need to use such tools is to reduce the bounce rate for your campaign. To have a clear communication with your colleagues even if you work remotely, you can try a voice messenger to discuss all the work-related issues fast and without much effort. The more organized digital workspace you have, the more productive your work is. Make sure you don’t waste your time on cleaning mailing lists manually and communicate effectively.

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