Best 7 Online Image Optimizer Tools In 2021

Best image compression software offline

This post will explain Best image compression software offline. In this post, we’ve gathered seven great online image optimizer tools that let you compress JPG, PNG, & GIF files directly from your web browser. Beyond sharing details about each tool, we’ll again share real test data for a test JPG & PNG image to offer you a concept of the file size savings that each tool can provide.

Best 7 Online Image Optimizer Tools In 2021

In this article, you can know about Best image compression software offline here are the details below;

Now, let’s go into the tools in more information …

 1. JPEG Optimizer

JPEG Optimizer is among the very first services to take a look at if all you need is to compress JPEG images.

JPEG Optimizer

The majority of us ought to be great with the default compression of 65, though the site can compress images anywhere between 0-99. Using just the bankruptcy setting, I was competent to lower the file size by 66%.

If you want, you can likewise see EXIF data (time, date and cam make) and resize your images. And then go on to include results like captions, borders or shadows. As soon as the tool compresses the image, you can download it and use it anywhere you require. Also check How to start a digital business


JPEG Image file conserving– 66%.

 2. Kraken.

Kraken provides you a choice of compression modes:.

– Lossless– no drop in quality.

– Lossy– a little drop in quality, however cuts down image file size by nearly 90%.

The lossy images will work simply great for the majority of users, but experts who wish to retain 100% visual information must opt for the lossless (e.g. photographers).


Kraken permits you to optimize not simply JPEG, but PNG and GIFs too. Files as much as 1 MB are enhanced free of charge, larger files require you to choose their Pro bundle.

The Pro package begins at $5 monthly and provides extra functions too. It can get image files from multiple sources such as a list of URLs or a zip archive. That’s not all, it can return the enhanced images in a zip file, get all the images from your site, organize them into folders, resize images, keep them in the Kraken cloud and keep statistics of your optimizations. A complimentary plugin makes it all simple for WordPress users.


JPEG Image file saving– 11.32% (lossless), 70.05% (lossy).

PNG Image file conserving– 44.06% (lossless), 75.03% (lossy).

 3. Tiny PNG.

A trusted tool, Tiny PNG deals with compression of both JPEG & PNG image formats with ease, allowing you bulk upload up to 20 images in one go. Each file length can reach 5 MB. For larger files, you’ll need to be a paying consumer.

Tiny PNG

After compression, photos can be downloaded to your pc and saved to Dropbox. Tiny PNG likewise makes it easy for WordPress users with a complimentary plugin. To compare image optimization plugins for WordPress, search for our earlier post. Also check Benefits of mobile apps for users


JPEG Image file conserving: 32%.

PNG Image file saving: 75%.


To convert pictures of any format into JPEG, you can attempt It handles more image types than the majority of online image optimizer tools. To use it, you drag & upload your PNG, GIF, SVG and even PSD files to their website. First, the tool transforms the images into JPEG, and after that compresses them prior to returning the images to you.

The tool can likewise pick up image files from your Google Drive or Dropbox and return the enhanced JPEG files to you in a zip archive.


JPEG Image file conserving: 65%.

PNG Image file protection: 17%.

 5. ImageRecycle.

If you’ve got images in numerous formats to optimize, you will find ImageRecycle to be a sure thing. Not simply PNG and JPEG, this tool supports even GIFs & PDFs. You can drag & drop your images on to the site and download the enhanced images with a click.


One handy thing about ImageRecycle is that it provides you a totally free report about your site with details of images that need optimization. Merely enter your site’s URL to get this report.

To gain access to functions like URL or Page Optimizer, you’ll need to go with their one-time payment plans. You can take your pick from various cost points at $10 (10,000 images), $20 (30,000 images), & $50 (100,000 images).

There’s a 15 day complimentary trial with a cap at 100 MB to assist you make up your mind. As soon as you pay up, you can utilize your quota over a year on endless sites with any number of sub-accounts. A month’s backup and bring back is consisted of. WordPress, Magento, & Joomla users can rely on extensions instead of visiting the site every time, while Shopify users get an unique app.


JPEG Image file saving: 48.97%.

PNG Image file conserving: 78.57%.


If you’re taking a look at high levels of compression that can save you hundreds of KB, take a close take a look at It can minimize file sizes by near 90%. It compresses JPEG & PNG images without loss of pixels, & lossy compression for other file types. Nevertheless, the file size can not go beyond 10 MB.

A cool slider enables you to compare the initial & optimized images side by side. You can download the file & save it to Google Drive and Dropbox.


JPEG Photo file conserving: 49%.

PNG Image file saving: 81%.

 7. Ezgif.

Though the title might suggest otherwise, Ezgif is an all goal online image optimizer. You can utilize it to deal with your GIFs, PNGs, and JPGs.


In the GIF department, Ezgif raises the bar to a brand-new level. It lets you play about a lot with GIFs, including creating, resizing, cropping or enhancing them. You’ll be able to create GIFs using JPEG, PNG and other images, and submit approximately 2,000 files, though there’s a cap on total size at 100MB.

Apart from that, the PNG and JPG optimization is quite effective as well. You can do some easy edits on your image prior to optimizing, too, like turning, cropping, including an overlay, and more. When it pertains to the optimization itself, it’s quite excellent.

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