The Best Marketing Plan Software List In 2022

best marketing plan software

This post will explain best marketing plan software. This short article will assist you rapidly compare and examine the very best marketing preparation software and other marketing management tools. These marketing preparation tools can assist you plan marketing campaigns, organize media, analyze results, and work together with members of your marketing team.

The Best Marketing Plan Software List In 2022

In this article, you can know about best marketing plan software here are the details below;

Here are a few of the most common concerns I discover when people ask me about utilizing marketing planning software:

What are some typical functions?

best marketing plan software shares lots of normal functions of marketing software such as marketing calendar view, job tracking, media planning, budgeting and forecasting, goal setting/tracking, analytics, and collaboration functions.
These services cover the entire project shipment lifecycle from planning to delivery.

What are the advantages of marketing planning software?

best marketing plan software decreases the amount of time you invest in tedious jobs in the planning stages of marketing campaigns and activities. You eliminate the inconvenience of handling all your jobs by hand, permitting you to streamline and automate your preparation process.
These tools are created to help you collaborate different campaigns in one single platform so you don’t have to manage multiple platforms. Who does not want that?

Marketing Planning Software Comparison Criteria

What are we trying to find when we pick best marketing plan software for review? Here’s a summary of my assessment criteria:

1. Interface (UI): Is it clean and appealing?
2. Functionality: Is it easy to find out and master? Does the company deal excellent tech assistance, user support, tutorials, and training?
3. Functions & Functionality:

1. Collaborative Planning & Scheduling– Marketing planning teams must be totally in-sync; does the tool deal usable, imaginative methods to make this take place?
2.Data-Rich Dashboards– Marketing planning is ever-changing so having success/failure metrics on-hand with an aesthetically attractive dashboard is a must.
3. Internal & External Requests– Does the system have a way to parse team- and customer/client-based project requests?
4. Marketing Plan Templates– Does the best marketing plan software offer quick-start design templates for a range of marketing plans, branching throughout various platforms for a range of specific niche usage cases?
4. Integrations: Is it simple to connect with other tools? Any pre-built integrations?
5. Value for $: How proper is the cost for the features, capabilities, and utilize case? Is rates clear, transparent, and versatile?

Introductions Of The Best Marketing Plan Software

Here’s a brief description of each of the best marketing plan software that are included on this top 10 list.

1. Wrike


best marketing plan software for little teams (approximately 5 users). Access Wrike’s advanced dashboard and metrics, complimentary for up to 5 users. Also check best digital signage software.


Best for dynamic marketing plan maps. Aesthetically intuitive brainstorm and flowchart strategies helps keep objectives in sight.

3. Percolate


Best enterprise marketing planning platform. Lower administrative work to stay up to date with content needs for growing enterprises.

4. Slope


Best for feedback & approval loops in marketing strategies. Quickly schedule & gather feedback and approvals on images, designs, videos, and PDFs.


best marketing plan software for AI-enabled widgets. Customize your experience with widgets that can warn if a marketing task is most likely to be delayed.

6. BrandMaker


best marketing plan software resource management. Gather, put together, and coordinate marketing resources like files and images in the Media Pool.

7. Keen


best marketing plan software. Keen analytics concentrate on what marketing media has earnings prospective & notes excessive spending.

8. Mediatool


best marketing plan software media management. Imposed calling conventions makes saving big amounts of media simpler to manage.

9. MyMarketingMate


best marketing plan software for ready-made marketing design templates. Quickly and with confidence develop effective marketing strategies with the software’s Wizard.

10. Screendragon


best marketing plan software for digital marketing companies. Central interaction & innovative notices keeps tasks moving fast.

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